“Paul George leads the Clippers in an exciting comeback victory against the Cavaliers”

The Clippers had their 10th afternoon game of the season (with one more to go), and they were 5-4 coming in. They had some bad games, and Sunday’s game looked like it was going to be another loss. The shorthanded Cavaliers were without Donovan Mitchell and had lost 3-of-4 games so far on their road trip.

They led by 26 points in the third quarter. However, Russell Westbrook’s energy off the bench changed things in the third. Then, in the fourth, Paul George took over. He scored 23 points and six rebounds, and in the end, he broke ankles to get off the game-winner with a mid-range fadeaway.

The Cavaliers had 7.1 seconds left, but George blocked Darius Garland to preserve the Clippers win. George finished the game with 39 points and praised his team’s comeback: “These situations aren’t ideal, but it’s nice when posed with these challenges we come together. We really just dug down. That second half was special. Everyone was locked in defensively.”

The Clippers won their 50th game of the season and are solidly in fourth place in the West, two games up on No. 5 Dallas. Los Angeles and Dallas appear headed for a first-round meeting that might be the best series of the round in either league.

Meanwhile, Cleveland lost its fourth game in five, and remains in a virtual tie with New York and Orlando for the 3/4/5 seeds in the East. The Cavaliers are behind the other two by percentage points because they have played two more games. The Cavaliers are 1.5 games up on the No. 6 seed Pacers and two up on the No. 7 seed Heat.

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