QB Hunter Dekkers Iowa Gambling News, 4 Others Also Charged

QB Hunter Dekkers Iowa Gambling

QB Hunter Dekkers Iowa Gambling – Hunter Dekkers and the two other current athletes have been accused. Also one former athlete have been charged. They are charged for betting on games and also changing the records of the investigation done by criminal division of Iowa.

Hunter Dekkers a quarterback player for Iowa State University charged with gambling and altering the records of the investigation against him.

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The Lawsuit and Charges

It is mentioned in the Lawsuit submitted in Iowa District Court for Story County that Hunter Dekkers was charged of making 26 bets on Iowa state athletic events.

He was also charged with making bets on 2021 football game against Oklahoma state when he was a second year backup quarterback.

Dekkers placed almost 366 mobile and online sports bets worth over $2799 with the Draftkings account managed by himself.

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Impact on Cyclones’ Record

12 games of Cyclones in the last season in which Dekkers played will be removed from the competition in obedience to NCAA rules. Which also Stops players from making bets on their own games.

To focus on his studies and also in defense of his criminal charge Hunter Dekkers won’t be participating in Iowa state’s fall football camp.

In the effort to hide the identities two current Iowa state players and one former athlete was also charged with altering the records on Tuesday.

Betting on games is the common practice in America and this charge can make this practice illegal in America. Thousands of students and college athletes place bets.

Paniro Johnson’s Case

A wrestler and an offensive line man on the football team was also charged with changing the records.

Paniro Johnson is the wrestler in his second year and Dodge Sauser also a 2nd year college student and offensive lineman on the football team were both charged of betting on Iowa state sports.

Paniro was the champion at 149 pounds in last season, He betted $45600 in total and in total 1283 bets.

Paniro placed almost 25 bets on Iowa state events. If Paniro is proven guilty, he can face up to two years in prison.

Enyi Uwazurike, a Former Athlete

Another former Iowa state athlete was charged. With betting on Iowa states games & also charged with changing the records of the investigation.

Former Defensive lineman Enyi Uwazurike placed bets in two games he played in 2021 with cyclone. He also placed bets on Iowa State’s games against Iowa and Kansas.

Enyi was suspended by the NFL last month. He also placed bets on some NFL games.

He used Fan Duel account for placing bets on Broncos games. And players from September to December 2023.

All of them made bets by using their personal iPhones. In their known locations such as university residence and some other areas of the university.

Legal age of betting in Iowa is 21 years. Dekkers, Johnson and Sauser are over the legal age of betting so they are accused of underage bets but not charged with it.

All four of them are charged with changing records and hiding their identities. Violation of licensed sports book user terms and conditions. Breach of university and NCAA policies, unfair wagering and conflict of interest and tax implications.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1.What are the charges Hunter Dekkers and other athletes facing?
A1. Hunter Dekkers and other athletes are charged with betting on game and changing the record of the investigation.

Q2.How many bets did Hunter Dekkers placed against Iowa state events and how much money he betted?
A2. Hunter Dekker’s placed almost 26 bets and over $2799.

Q3.What are the names of other athletes who are facing charges?
A3. Paniro Johnson, Dodge Sauser and Enyi Uwazurike are the name of other athletes.

Source: ESPN

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