Ravens fans yelled “F*** Joe Burrow!” after the quarterback got hurt in the game

Ravens fans yelled “F*** Joe Burrow!” after the quarterback got hurt in the game

A group of Baltimore Ravens fans didn’t think twice about adding insult to injury after Thursday Night Football. They yelled “F*** Joe Burrow” on live TV after the Bengals’ star quarterback left the game with an injured wrist.

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The Bengals quarterback had to leave the game during the first half of TNF because of a strange wrist injury. He was later out for the season.

You could tell Burrow wasn’t there on the pitch because the Ravens won 34–20.

What the Ravens fans didn’t like about the win was that they made it clear after the game that they don’t like JB.

Fans yelled “F*** Joe Burrow! F*** Joe Burrow!” during Prime’s show after the game.

The chants could be heard clearly on the stream, and many sports fans didn’t like what they heard.

On X, another B-more fan said, “This is really embarrassing.” “As a Ravens fan since 1996, I feel bad for my fellow fans.” I hope Joe Burrow gets better soon.

There may be more problems for the Bengals than just Ravens fans, though. The NFL is looking into the team after they shared a video on social media before the game that seemed to show JB with a brace on his hand. In the end, the Bengals took down the post.

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The injury report for this week did not name Burrow as hurt, which is against NFL rules if he was hurt.

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