“Spencer Dinwiddie’s Lakers Contract: The Odd Detail That Has Everyone Talking”

Spencer Dinwiddie signed a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers after being waived last Saturday. However, there is an odd detail in Dinwiddie’s contract that has caught some attention. His contract includes a $1 bonus if the Lakers win the NBA championship this year.

During a media availability session on Monday, Dinwiddie was asked about this unusual bonus. He explained that this was a continuation of a tradition from his previous contract, where he had a series of bonuses tied to winning, including the $1 championship bonus.

Dinwiddie and his agent, Jason Glushon, decided to keep this tradition going, as it was something they bonded over. Dinwiddie’s current contract with the Lakers is his best chance at winning a championship ring. If they do win, he will receive the $1 bonus in the spirit of loyalty and tradition.

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