Teyana Taylor filed for divorce from Iman Shumpert in secret and calls him a jealous narcissist

Teyana Taylor filed for divorce from Iman Shumpert in secret and calls him a jealous narcissist

In January, Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor’s divorce petition was made in secret.

According to court papers that TMZ got on Wednesday, the “Bare Wit Me” singer said that the former NBA player was an emotionally abusive jealous person who didn’t like her fame.

She said that her ex had been “being very mean to her and acting very narcissistic for most of their marriage.”

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She married Shumpert in 2016, but earlier this year Taylor ended the marriage because she was “unable to handle the emotional rollercoaster,” according to the news source.


The woman also said that the retired athlete sent her “condescending and manipulative” messages about her job.

TMZ reports that the documents say she “began to intentionally dim her light for her husband to try to have a harmonious and peaceful marriage” as he “became more and more angry.”

The 32-year-old “Coming 2 America” actress also said that Shumpert, 33, would get angry when they went to public events together and photographers asked him to move out of the way so they could take shots of her alone.

To add to her story, Tayler said she turned down several job offers because her ex-husband “did not want her to work.”

Shumpert had multimillion-dollar NBA contracts that made him more money than her, but the singer said he was still feeling unsafe.


The “A Thousand and One” star said she tried to get the basketball star acting jobs when his career started to fall apart, but he wasn’t interested.

In the end, Taylor said that the fights made her start the divorce process in 2021, which was also the year that Shumpert retired from the NBA.

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Even though his time off helped them get back together, it was only short-lived because she said he “remained in an insecure state as his NBA career continued to wind down.”

Shumpert and Taylor have two children together, Junie, 7, and Rue, 3. Taylor said she tried to save her marriage while living in a “extremely” abusive environment.


She also said several times in the documents that Shumpert was cheating on her.

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