The Pistons have lost 25 games in a row. Cade Cunningham said, “We’re Not 2-26 Bad.”

The Pistons have lost 25 games in a row. Cade Cunningham said, “We’re Not 2-26 Bad.”

No one in the NBA has been able to say when the Detroit Pistons would win another game for a few weeks now. Even though it seems like a long time ago, the Pistons did start the 2023–24 season 2-1. They haven’t won a game since then; in November, they lost all of their games, and December looks like it will be the same.

Thursday night, the Utah Jazz (who were playing back-to-back games) came to Little Caesars Arena, giving the Pistons a great chance to end their 24-game losing run. In fact, Detroit was the betting favourite before the game, but after a close game, the Pistons lost by a score of 119–111, making it 25 losses in a row.

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The 22-year-old Cade Cunningham is the face of the Pistons team. It’s not his fault that Detroit is in such a mess, but his comments after the game on Thursday night got a lot of attention. In the loss to Utah, Cunningham led the team with 28 points and 10 assists. After the game, he said that he doesn’t think the Pistons are “2-26 bad.”

Clearly, Cunningham’s point of view makes sense, even though his tone shows that he is frustrated. For one thing, he’s on the team and wouldn’t want to think that Detroit is as bad as their 2–26 record makes them look. From there, he even has a good point when he says that Detroit’s point difference isn’t as bad as their 2–26 record would make it look. Having 25 straight losses is bad luck in any situation, but it’s especially bad luck in the NFL, where Detroit wasn’t even thought to be the worst team in the league before the season started.

Cunningham’s recent play is one of the few good things about Detroit. He scored 43 points against Atlanta on Monday and has scored at least 20 points in six of the last seven games. It’s clear that he’s not ready to close up shop for the season before Christmas, but the Pistons are having a rough stretch right now, and spirits can’t be high in Detroit. On Saturday, the Pistons will try to get a win again in Brooklyn. Detroit will play the Nets twice in a row before a tough trip to Boston and a home game against Toronto to end 2023.

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