The reason Scott Foster doesn’t like Chris Paul is revealed

The reason Scott Foster doesn’t like Chris Paul is revealed

It got worse between Chris Paul and NBA judge Scott Foster after Foster ejected Paul in a shocking way at Footprint Centre on Wednesday.

In the late second quarter, Paul was called for a foul on Kevin Durant. This was the start of everything.

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After a few seconds, Paul got a technical foul and yelled at Foster because he didn’t like the calls.

CP3 called Foster a “bitch” during their heated fight and was quickly kicked out.

After the loss to Golden State (123–115), Paul talked about why he and Foster hate each other so much.

“It’s about me,” Paul said.

“There was a time a few years ago, and it’s personal.” Everyone in the league knows. There was a meeting and all that. There is just something going on with my son.

“… I don’t mind if the ref talks or says anything. Do not use tech to make your point. I need to do a better job of staying on the floor for my friends. “That’s it.”

Foster says that ejecting the now-Warriors journeyman was the right thing to do.

He was asked, “What was Chris Paul mad about that led to the first argument?”

He told them, “The foul was called against him at 23.5.”

“What made Chris Paul get the first technical foul?”

Foster says it was “for bad sportsmanship.”

Foster was asked, “How did Chris Paul make things worse so that he got a second technical foul and was thrown out of the game?”

“He kept complaining and got a second unsportsmanlike technical foul,” was his answer.

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The Clippers may want to trade for Russell Westbrook Even so. The referee is clearly better than the two because Paul is 2–17 in the playoffs when he has called the games.

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