Tom Brady Shuts Down Robert Kraft Massage Scandal Jokes at Roast

Tom Brady was a good sport during his Netflix roast, laughing at the jokes and punches thrown his way, until a sensitive subject was brought up. When comedian Jeff Ross mentioned Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s massage scandal, Brady immediately intervened.

The future Hall of Famer approached Ross during the event and, on a hot mic, told him to avoid the topic and not mention it again. This reaction highlighted Brady’s discomfort with the sensitive subject, drawing comparisons to Will Smith’s confrontation with Chris Rock at the Oscars, although Brady’s response did not involve any physical altercation.

Aside from this moment, Brady was game for most of the roast, taking jabs from his former coach, Bill Belichick, as well as celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Julian Edelman in stride. The show continues, and we’ll keep you posted on any further updates.

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