“Victor Wembanyama: The Future of the Big Man Position in the NBA”

Wembanyama, a 20-year-old player, has had a great debut season. He has scored 40 points in a game, which is his career-high, and on average, he has scored 21.0 points, collected 10.5 rebounds, and made 3.4 blocks per game.

However, his stats do not completely depict the impact he has on the game because it cannot yet be measured. He is a 7-foot-4 player and watching him play is amazing because of the joy he brings. San Antonio is currently focusing on next year and beyond, as they allow Wembanyama to adjust to the league.

The number of games they win or his stats this season are not important in the grand scheme of things. His ability to handle the physicality of the game has been proven, and he may even be ahead of schedule. He has already done what no first-year player has done since O’Neal, and he is an even greater impact on the defensive end of the floor.

It is not unreasonable to consider him the best player on a playoff team by 2025. It is interesting to see how Wembanyama is walking in Shaq’s shoes. Although they have different body shapes and styles of play, they are both likely to change the game. Wembanyama is a great example of how the league has evolved in the last 30 years.

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