Aaron Brady appeal Garda Donohoe murder judgement

Garda killer Aaron Brady started an appeal against the judgement.

Key points:

  • Aaron Brady, convicted of murdering Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe, has initiated an appeal against his conviction. 
  • He is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum term of 40 years. 
  • The murder occurred on January 25, 2013, during a cash escort operation at the Lordship Credit Union in Bellurgan, Co. Louth, when Detective Garda Donohoe was ambushed and killed by a five-man gang. 
  • Brady’s appeal argument includes the claim that the COVID-19 epidemic negatively impacted the fairness of his trial. 
  • The prosecution countered that Brady’s argument was “subjective” and “highly speculative,” emphasizing that the jury had the option to decline to serve. 
  • Brady’s trial lasted 122 days, setting a record for the length of an Irish murder case.

Aaron Brady, who was found guilty of murdering Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe to death, has started an appeal against the judgement.

The 32-year-old from New Road in Crossmaglen, County Armagh, is currently incarcerated on a life sentence with a 40-year minimum term.

2020 saw his conviction for killing Det. Garda. Donohoe on January 25, 2013, at the Lordship Credit Union in Bellurgan, Co. Louth.

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When he was ambushed by a five-man gang and killed, Detective Garda Donohoe was on a cash escort. With €7,000 in cash, the group escaped.

Claims that the pandemic affected the fairness of his trial

Brady argued this morning that the Covid-19 epidemic was a factor in how unfairly his trial was conducted.

Michael O’Higgins, his senior attorney, told the three judges that the jury shouldn’t have been working in a situation “where there is a real threat to their existence.”

In a circumstance when they might perish, he claimed, “you are asking people to think.”

People “should not be entitled to work” if there is a trial with such terrible consequences, he argued, regardless of whether they volunteered or were eager to do it.

Defense argues jury’s mental state and decision quality were compromised

Additionally, Mr. O’Higgins argued that it is “possible that juries were concerned about dying, about other people dying, and that coming in and making a decision of this magnitude likely degraded the quality of their decision.”

Therefore, he claimed that it was improper for the trial judge to order the trial to proceed.

Brady’s application was, however, deemed by senior State counsel to be “subjective,” “personal,” and “highly speculative.”

In accordance with Brendan Grehan, the judge conferred with the jury and made it plain that no one was required to serve.

There is “not an iota of evidence” that “compelled the jury,” he declared.

“The jury sufficiently indicated they were happy to proceed,” the statement reads. “They are the very ones this is directed at.”

The appeal before Presiding Judge John Edwards, Ms. Justice Tara Burns, and Ms. Justice Isobel Kennedy would also be based on concerns from the defense regarding additional witnesses, the court was also informed.

Up until next Tuesday, it’s anticipated that the case will go on.

At the hearing, Brady is present in court. With 122 days in court, his trial set a record for length in an Irish murder case.

By a majority jury decision of 11 to 1 at the Central Criminal Court in August 2020, he was declared guilty of killing Det Garda Donohoe.

In October 2020, the murder defendant, a father of one, received the required life sentence.

The trial court mandated a minimum sentence of 40 years for him to serve because he had been found guilty of killing a garda who was performing his duty.

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