Appin Accident today Church street, 13 Year old Boy hit by truck died

Appin Accident today Church street, 13 Year old Boy hit by truck died

The death of a 13-year-old youngster who was struck by a truck on Appin Road, southwest of Sydney, has been officially verified by police today.

Last Wednesday, reports of a collision prompted emergency services to be dispatched to the intersection of Church Street and Appin Road in Appin.

When police arrived, they were informed that the adolescent had been struck by a truck after getting off a bus.

Police have reported that although he was treated at the scene and transferred to Westmead Children’s Hospital, he has since passed away as a result of his wounds.

The 38-year-old male truck driver performed required testing without suffering any injuries.

Police formed a crime scene and are still looking into what caused the collision.

The town of Appin, according to local deputy mayor Matthew Deeth, was decimated.

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Community’s grief and support for the affected family

“The news of [his] passing has completely devastated the community out there,” he stated.

“Losing one of your own has a profound effect on everyone. We can all definitely feel it today.

The MP for Wollondilly, Judy Hannan, concurred that the tragedy had an effect on everyone.

She said, “It’s been really horrible news.”

Ongoing police investigations and concerns about road safety

“There’s ongoing police investigations and it is all about Appin Road.”

Thousands of vehicles, including goods trucks, travel on Appin Road every day. It runs directly past communities like Appin and Campbelltown.

More than 30 people had died on that section of road, according to Ms. Hannan, in the previous 20 years.

“It is a road that everybody that knows it, knows how many cars and trucks go up and down,” she continued.

“We have made numerous representations over the years to try and have something done about it.”

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Source: ABC News

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