Arizona Alicia Navarro Found in Montana Police Station After Missing on Sept 2019

An 18 year old Alicia Navarro Of Arizona Found in Montana Police Station After missing for 4 years

A Surprising Revelation

Missing Alicia Navarro of Arizona Found – Alicia Navarro has been found after 4 years in Montana police station. She visited Montana police station alone on Sunday morning and identified herself.

Upon investigating police came to know that her name is Alicia Navarro. And she is 18 years old she had gone missing on September 2019 suddenly.

Police came to know that she used to live with her family in Glendale Arizona. Police immediately contacted her parents.

Alicia Navarro came to the police station situated in Havre, Montana on 23 July and identified herself. The police station is situated 1440 miles away from her home Glendale, Arizona.

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Police have released a warrant and searching nearby area for the clues and inquiring people. They took a man to the station for the investigation and released him after investigating. As of now police dept. have not revealed identities of the people whom they have investigated so far.

This was surprising for the everyone, as the police issued the warrant, Gina Winn who is the spokesperson of the police department also helping the police in this serious case. She is questioning the girl about what happened after she got kidnapped because Gina thinks that this can be the kidnapping case.

The Mysterious Disappearance

Alicia Navarro went missing just a week before her birthday on September 15. Navarro left a note for her mother before went missing that she would come back.

Nunez Navarro mother of Alicia Navarro told the police. That Alicia used to play lots of online games with her online friends. So she doubted that some online friend must have kidnapped her daughter.

Alicia started playing online games when she was 11 years old. She used to spend most of her time playing online games.

Her mother Nunez helped police department in investigating about her daughter. When she disappeared, she also took help of social media to search her daughter Alicia Navarro.

Multiple undercover offices were working on this case. They captured a man and took him to the police station and questioned him. After questioning that man is released.

Gina Winn also refuses to reveal the identity of other three men who were investigated by the police.

Alicia Navarro told the police that she is not harmed in any way.

Police officer Jose Santiago announced that Alicia was found totally fine. There are no signs of harm or being held. Alicia also added that she was not allowed to go outside.

A Mother’s Unwavering Faith

All these years Alicia’s mother didn’t lose hope and documented all the efforts she had put to find her daughter.

Her mother also created a Facebook page for her daughter called “Finding Alicia”. Where she posted podcasts, videos, quotes and photos of Navarro.

Many people followed her Facebook page and prayed daily for her daughter. Her mother gave a wonderful message at the end that “Miracles do Exists” never lose hope for the parents. Who has the missing family member.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the name and age of the child who went missing?
A1. Her name is Alicia Navarro and her age is 18.

Q2. When was Alicia went missing?
A2.Alicia went missing on 15 September 2019.

Q3. When was Alicia showed up on the police station.
A3.Alicia showed up at the police station on 23 July 2023.

Q4. What is the hometown of Alicia?
A4.Alicia lives with her family in Glendale Arizona.

Q5. On which police station Alicia showed up after 4 years.
A5. Alicia showed up at police station in Havre, Montana.

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