British School girl slapped in Iceland, London School reported tour guide to police

British School girl slapped in Iceland, London School reported tour guide to police

A tour guide who allegedly slapped a student during a trip abroad before pursuing her down in a hallway has been reported.

A student from the Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley in Beckenham, Kent, was involved in the event, and video of it was uploaded on social media. Many of the people who called the school to demand answers agreed that the incident’s perpetrator should be fired and placed under arrest.

Although it was first asserted that the adult slapping the student was a teacher, Harris Federation clarified this afternoon that the adult is not employed by the school and has been reported to the police. The event occurred when the family was visiting Iceland, and the kids are safe, they added.

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The incident was captured on video and went viral on social media


After the video was reposted online by The Black Child Agenda, a group fighting to reform the “unfair and biassed treatment” Black children experience in schools, many people started demanding an explanation. The Black Child Agenda stated the students were at Hotel Ork in Iceland when the alleged event occurred in an update posted this afternoon.

A white woman can be seen pointing at a black girl in the video, and the two appear to be having a brief chat during which the black kid appears to say, “Please, don’t come near me.” The tour leader is then accused of slapping the child. The girl can be seen fleeing as the woman chases after her in front of stunned onlookers as someone cries out “oh my God” in the background.

The adult seems to say to the child, “Don’t be so menacing,” as the camera pans away. On social media, many people have demanded that the adult responsible for the incident be fired and put on trial. “This is disgusting,” a user said on X (formerly Twitter). I hope the police fire her and charge her with a crime. Another person commented, “It seems like she’s a tour guide, not a teacher. In either case, it requires immediate investigation and action.

Accused adult was not a  school teacher

The adult in this clip, which was captured while travelling to Iceland, is NOT a teacher at our school, according to a statement from Harris Federation this afternoon. We reported the adult to the police, who are treating it seriously and making sure the kids are protected. We agree with your dissatisfaction and back the police probe.

The incident was reported to the local police, who interviewed everyone involved, according to Jóhann Sigursson, general manager of Hotel Ork, who informed The Mirror that the woman was not a hotel employee. The manager issued the following statement regarding a recent incident that involved two of our guests during a trip to Iceland and involved a female tour guide who slapped a female student travelling with a different group: “We feel it is necessary to clarify the facts surrounding the incident and emphasise our commitment to the safety and well-being of all of our guests.

In social media posts, the hotel is being blamed for the tragedy under the pretence that the tour guide worked there. It wasn’t her. The tour guide, like the student, was a visitor who was staying on our property.

“Our hotel personnel immediately followed established procedures and processes after the occurrence. We suggested notifying the local authorities right away, in this case the Icelandic police. When the police came, they began their investigation after gathering statements from all individuals involved. The trip operator was not detained. This is consistent with Icelandic law and the accepted practise in cases like these.

“Hotel rk wants to be very clear that we vehemently condemn any types of violence and are deeply concerned about any occurrence that affects the safety, comfort, and

total satisfaction of our visitors. It is important to stress that the hotel itself had no involvement in the incident whatsoever. The event included two visitors who were awakened late at night, as asked, to see the Northern Lights, a natural wonder.

“We deeply regret the interruption this incident created during what ought to have been a joyful and awe-inspiring occasion when our guests witnessed the Northern Lights. We trust that our explanation of the incident’s facts will reassure the public and our visitors of our dedication to their security and comfort.

For a response, The Mirror has reached out to both the school and Ofsted. The event wasn’t reported in the UK; instead, it was reported abroad, according to the Metropolitan Police.

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