Corindi Beach Teen Stabbing 17 Year Old Boy Charged for death of 16 year Old

Corindi Beach Teen Stabbing

Corindi Beach, NSW –¬† Yesterday a teenager boy who is 17 year old has been arrested. He was charged because he stabbed the other 16 year old teen. The Stabbing incident was done at Corindi Beach Coffs Harbour on the NSW north coast.

Later he was suspected as the suspect and was arrested for the murder of the boy. It was the shocking incident as many people are in fear that a teenager has done this.

Later on the Paramedics was arrive to the scene. And also the police was informed. The police came to corindi beach at 5:45 pm evening. The Murder was done on day of Sunday. 16 year old boy who was unconscious was wounded and stabbed in his thigh.

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17 Year Old Boy Charged for death

In the meantime, Medical facility came and they take the teenager boy to the near by hospital name Coffs Harbour Hospital. But after a matter of time the news came that the boy was dead because of serious injury.

In the statement given by the ¬†Matt French who is Superintendent. He said that “the detectives and local officer has searched for the three crime scenes related to the murder which also includes the area of Matthew’s Parade and Pacific Street.”

They said that they still didn’t know about what happened between the two them. Why he killed him? What was the whole story behind it? The name of both the teenager has not yet been announced.

The 17 year old boy who murdered the other teenager visited the police station of Coffs Harbour. They asked him about some questions and taken his time. After that he was being charged with assault, murder & possess prohibited drug.

Before he was about to enter the children court today. The bail was not given to him.

There are various people living in that area of Coffs harbour northern beaches. They are really now afraid to be out of their home. As they say that this incidents not happen here. All these murder, assault do not have a chance to happen here. We only heard about these things in news as it came from the cities. We are not that type of people who involved in this.

Those people who know anything about this stabbing incident can contact the local police & other supporters.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • When was the stabbing done in Corindi Beach NSW?
    Ans. The time was around 5:30 when the teenager boy stabbed the other teen.
  • What was the age of the boy who stabbed and who was injured?
    Ans. The teen who stab the other teen was 17 Year old and the teen who is victim was 16 year old.
  • Is the boy who was stabbed alive or dead?
    Ans. He is dead after he was taken to the Coffs Harbour Hospital.
  • Who is arrested in this stabbing incident?
    Ans. A 17 year old boy was taken in to custody. As of now the police are asking him about the event happen on Corindi beach.
  • Where was the teen stabbed in which part of the body?
    Ans. He was stabbed in the thigh.


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