Crane Collapse Fish Market today Sydney Pyrmont, Man suffered back injury

Crane Collapse Fish Market today Sydney Pyrmont, Man suffered back injury

A multistory crane that was on the building site of the new Sydney Fish Markets crashed, injuring a man’s back.

It’s believed that at noon on Thursday, the crane fell onto the harbourside site at Bridge Road near Blackwattle Bay in Glebe.

Earl White, a local entrepreneur who works across the street from the property, claimed to have heard a “massive thump” as the crane fell.

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A 30-year-old male was treated for back injuries, and he was later sent to the hospital.


According to Mr. White, who described the frantic scenes as rescue personnel swarmed the area, “It’s a significant collapse.”

According to a witness, the crane “sliced right through to the second level with the scaffolding” and was broadcast on 2GB radio.

Numerous ambulances are present, and pictures from the scene show tradespeople leaving the area.

Roads near the location have been cordoned off by police, and they are anticipated to stay that way for a time as the damage is evaluated.

On Bridge Road at Wentworth Park Road, one of the two eastbound lanes is closed, affecting westbound traffic.

Drivers are asked to exercise caution if they are in the area.

As rush hour approaches, it’ll probably result in significant traffic delays.

An announcement about the “complex installation of three tower cranes above the water on its New Sydney Fish Market site” was made by the construction firm Multiplex last month.

The announcement read, “Using innovative construction methodologies to address the issues presented by its location in Blackwattle Bay.”

The site’s harborside location and exposure to tidal seas, according to the business, necessitated complicated engineering for the crane installation.

Once construction is finished, it is anticipated that the new Sydney Fish Market will be the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, measuring 6,000 square metres.

In late 2024, construction is expected to be finished.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What incident occured at the Sydney Fish Market construction site today?
A1. A multistory crane collapsed at the Sydney Fish Market construction site, injuring a man’s back.

Q2. When did the crane collapse occur, and where did it happen?
A2. The crane collapse happened at noon on Thursday, at the harbourside site on Bridge Road near Blackwattle Bay in Glebe.

Q3.Provide information about the injured person and their condition?
A3. The injured person is a 30-year-old male who suffered back injuries. He was treated at the scene and then sent to the hospital for further care.

Q4. Were there any significant road closures or traffic disruptions as a result of the crane collapse?
A4. Yes, police have cordoned off roads near the location of the collapse, affecting traffic. One of the two eastbound lanes on Bridge Road at Wentworth Park Road is closed, which may cause traffic delays, especially during rush hour.

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