Dog Attack Crumlin Today Dublin, Man Suffers Critical Facial Injury

Dog Attack Crumlin Today Dublin, Man Suffers Critical Facial Injury

Dog Attack Crumlin South Dublin

Gardai were called to the south Dublin incident that left two people hospitalised on Tuesday afternoon.

Key Highlights

  • Location and Time: The dog attack occurred in the Rutland Avenue neighborhood of Crumlin, Dublin, at approximately 12:30 p.m. on a Tuesday.
  • Injured Individuals: Two individuals were injured in the dog attack. One was a man who suffered “serious” injuries, particularly to his face, while the other was a woman who sustained an injury to her arm.
  • Police Involvement: The Gardai, the Irish police force, received a call to respond to the incident. They arrived at the scene after the dog attack was reported.
  • Medical Treatment: Both the male and female victims were transported to the hospital by ambulance to receive medical care. The male victim’s facial injuries were described as severe.

After being attacked by a dog, two persons were taken to the hospital, one of whom was a guy who sustained “serious” injuries. The terrible event took place in the Rutland Avenue neighbourhood of Crumlin at approximately 12.30 in the afternoon on Tuesday. Both a man and a woman were injured as a result of an attack that was carried out by a dog.

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Both the man and the woman were injured, but the woman’s injury was to her arm. The male received major facial injuries. According to a spokesperson for the Gardai, “Gardai at Crumlin received a call to attend a residence in the area at approximately 12:30 p.m. this afternoon after a male and female suffered injuries caused by a dog.”

“Both of the patients were taken by ambulance to the hospital to receive medical care. The male patient had severe injuries to his face, while the female patient was injured in the arm.”The dog was eventually taken into captivity by the neighbourhood dog warden, and it was put down shortly thereafter.

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Source: Dublinlive

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