Fort Canning, E-bike rider hits child at pedestrian crossing

E-bike rider strikes a youngster at a pedestrian crossing close to Fort Canning

Key points:

  • On September 19, a child was injured by an e-bike rider who disregarded the rules of the road as they crossed Coleman Street and Hill Street.
  • On September 27, dashcam video of the event was posted on the Facebook page of SG Road Vigilante.
  • The youngster was attacked by the e-bike rider as he bent down to pick up something he lost while crossing the street with two other individuals.
  • The cyclist didn’t appear to be yielding to pedestrians, so a woman and a guy hurried over to check on the child right away. The woman also appeared to chastise the rider.
  • Fortunately, the young child soon stood up and gathered up the things he dropped, suggesting no significant injuries.
  • Online commenters criticised the e-bike rider for breaching traffic laws before he fled the area.
  • Due to safety concerns, some readers demanded that e-bikes or possibly all bicycles be banned.
  • As of the time of the report, no police report had been made reporting the occurrence.

A toddler was knocked over while crossing the street by an e-bike rider who disregarded the laws of the road.

On Wednesday (Sept. 27), dashcam footage of the collision was uploaded on SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook page. On September 19 at around 7.30 p.m., the incident allegedly took place at the intersection of Coleman Street and Hill Street.

Video: Click here to watch the video

The small youngster is seen crossing the street with two people as the green man at the pedestrian crossing flashes.

He seems to drop something, turns to pick it up, and is immediately rammed by the e-bike rider. The child gets knocked to the ground and rolls over backwards as a result of the accident.

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As the woman begins striking the motorcyclist, a woman and a man turn right away to check on the child. She gesticulates angrily, appearing to reprimand the rider for not yielding to pedestrians as she points to the green man symbol.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like the toddler was seriously hurt after the crash.

As the man checks on him, he is seen immediately rising off the ground and grabbing his head. The boy then stoops to pick up the things he dropped.

The biker is seen leaving the junction and continuing on his journey towards the end of the video.

The cyclist has received harsh criticism from online users in the comments section for disobeying traffic laws.

Some commenters requested a ban on e-bikes, while one even advocated a ban on bicycles. It’s time to outlaw all bicycles, electric or not, the Facebook user wrote.

Another commenter pointed out that the rider quickly escaped after violating the traffic laws, saying “If they can get away with it so easily, this kind of accident will occur more and more”.

As far as AsiaOne is aware, no police report has been filed on the incident.

Similar Incident occurred on August 29

On August 29, at the intersection of Eunos Avenue 5 and Paya Lebar Road, a Deliveroo rider on an e-bike collided with an elderly man riding a bicycle.

The mishap left the elderly guy with multiple wounds, including a fractured fourth finger, gashes on his left forearm, and a twisted left ankle. He has since needed to use a walking stick.

A Deliveroo spokeswoman said in a statement in response to AsiaOne’s inquiries about the accident that the firm has a “zero tolerance approach on rider misbehaviour and will take this extremely seriously.”

Deliveroo had previously stated that it would assist law enforcement in their investigation and, if required, take legal action against the rider.

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Source: AsiaOne

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