Hougang flat fire accident, Siblings narrowly escape was appointed by Doctor

Hougang flat fire accident, Siblings narrowly escape was appointed by Doctor

Hougang flat fire

Hougang, Singapore – The recent fire that broke out in a two-bedroom flat in Hougang, where the people living there were on their way to a doctor’s appointment, presented a miraculously close call for the survival of two siblings. According to Shin Min Daily News, the blaze started at one o’clock in the afternoon on Friday (September 29) at Block 376B Hougang Street 32.

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Eyewitness Accounts Paint a Terrifying Picture

Shin Min was told by a neighbour with the surname Huang who also lives in the same building that “there was black smoke and flames coming out of the unit.” I also heard the sound of some glass breaking.”

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) had already put out the fire by the time a reporter from Shin Min got at the scene at about two in the afternoon. In spite of this, there was still an obvious smell of burning in the air, and the region had also been blocked off. A number of residents were also observed hanging out on the void deck for a long amount of time.

Huang played a video for Shin Min that displayed the flames spreading around the living room. Additionally, plumes of black smoke could be seen erupting from the apartment’s windows. The owner of the destroyed flat, a man with the surname Chen, stated in an interview with a Chinese newspaper that he and his sister had just arrived at their house when the fire broke out.

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“I just helped my sister, who is confined to a wheelchair, out the lift. When we arrived at our front door, we observed black smoke rising from the unit. I immediately became alarmed, and the three of us ran downstairs. “SCF personnel arrived not long after that,” the 62-year-old recalled.

Chen stated that he and his older sister had left their residence at around ten o’clock that morning, making certain to turn off the majority of their appliances before leaving. He went on to say that he had no idea what could have caused the fire to start.

50 People Were Evacuated

Nizan, Chen’s next-door neighbour, reported to Shin Min that Chen was at home eating lunch with his son at the time of the event. When he looked out the window, he saw that there was a fire and immediately recognised that the smoke had made its way into their home.

Because he was concerned that the smoke would set off his son’s asthma, who was just five years old at the time, he immediately led the youngster to the void deck. Nizan revealed that his family is currently staying with other members of the extended family because they are concerned about his son’s health, despite the fact that the fire was eventually extinguished.

In response to inquiries from AsiaOne, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) stated that they were made aware of the fire at approximately 1:15 pm. The contents of a unit located on the second story were destroyed in the fire. The fire was put out by the SCDF with the assistance of a single water jet and a hose reel.

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The block had to be cleared of approximately fifty persons. One individual was evaluated by SCDF staff for smoke inhalation, but the individual opted out of being sent to the hospital. An investigation has not yet been completed to determine what started the fire.

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