Mahina Toki 13 Month Old Girl Drowned After Falling From Yacht in Musket Cove Fiji

What Happened to Māhina Toki

Mahina Toki 13 Month Old Girl Drowned – A 13-month-old girl fell into the water below from her parents’ boat and drowned. This incident is from Musket Fiji. A police officer told that a small girl (Mahina Toki) was tied to the deck catamaran and was watching a movie on TV. His mother (Kiri) and father (Mark) were preparing food in the other area in their Yacht.

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How did Māhina Toki Died?

After a while, after making all the preparations for the food, when they reached near the deck where the child was. They could not find the girl. They tried to search everywhere but could not find the child. When they searched the whole deck. Suddenly, their eyes fell in the water and found that the girl was floating in the sea. They quickly got the girl out of there and tried to save her life, but by then the girl was dead.

The police say that the whole family had been living in Musket Cove since July.

According to Island Cruising New Zealand, the entire medical team with nurses and doctors reached the 13-month-old girl. When she came out of the water. All professional equipment like oxygen, medicine and other useful things were there. “But even after making many efforts, we could not save the girl child”. They said.

Grace Palos, a fellow cruiser, told how lovely and beautiful Māhina was. She loved water and loved traveling in a boat. But now she is no more with us.

As of now Māhina parents are in shock and they moved to the Great barrier island onto their home.

Cruising Community Unites

The Musket Cove cruiser community needs some help. As Palos said “they said those who can help, Please collect money or raise fund for this family so that their flight cost, last rites and whatever they need can be covered.

A page has been created for Givealittle donation only. In which you people can donate as much as possible. You will find the link below. Till now more than 200 people have given donation & a total of $22000 has been submitted.

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In the current situation now, there are various police officer from Fiji that are looking for this case and are investigating into it. Also with that the MSAT i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade also helping in this case and providing some assistance as they heard the death of the 13 month old child.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Who was the girl that was drowned in the Musket Cove, Fiji?
    Ans. The name of the girl was Mahina Toki.
  • How old was the girl?
    Ans. She was only 13 months old.
  • Where is this accident happened?
    Ans. This tragedy happens in the area of Fiji Country i.e. Musket cove.
  • How did the child drown in the sea?
    Ans. She was tied to the deck harness but when her parents came back to see her. She was dropped down in to the water in sea.
  • What was the name of the Mother and Father of 13 month old child?
    Ans. Father name is Mark Toki and mother’s name is Kiri Toki.


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