Man Accuses Malaysian Delievery Riders in Singapore, Say ‘they hide the food’

Man Accuses Malaysian Delievery Riders in Singapore, Say ‘they hide the food’

In Singapore, it is against the law for a foreigner to work as a food delivery rider.

However, we have seen motorcycles with Malaysian licence plates with riders sporting characteristic green Grab clothing and toting distinctive green Grab bags.

A Stomp contributor shared images of a number of these motorcycles and said, “Malaysian-registered motorcycles are doing GrabFood deliveries in Singapore.”

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Some of them merely have a top box instead of a GrabFood bag on the motorcycle seat. They conceal the food inside to avoid drawing attention to the fact that they are delivering food for GrabFood in Singapore, according to the Stomp contributor, who posted a video of one such instance.

Four foreigners charged for unlicensed food delivery

On September 26, four foreign nationals were charged on four charges of operating an unlicensed food delivery service in Singapore.

Three counts of aiding and abetting these crimes were also brought against two Singaporeans and one permanent resident. Despite knowing that the foreigners lacked legal work permits to serve as food delivery riders, they allegedly allowed the foreigners access to their accounts on several food delivery sites.

Foreigners who work for themselves without a valid work permit may be subject to a fine of up to $20,000, up to two years in jail, or both. If found guilty, they will never again be permitted to work in Singapore.

Employees of local delivery platforms who are found to have given foreigners access to their accounts may be subject to the same sanctions.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) announced that it has been working with the major food delivery services to improve their procedures and stop unauthorised users from abusing their accounts. Additionally, MOM and the platforms collaborated on instructional messages that have been disseminated through the platforms’ communication channels and urge riders against giving foreigners access to or sharing their food delivery accounts.

Detailed process of registration and verification for delivery partners explained

According to an earlier statement made by a Grab official to Stomp, “Grab has a strong process for registration and verification of delivery partners as well as to prevent account sharing.

For instance, during sign-up, delivery partners must upload their identifying information. After that, a number of checks and verifications will be made against the data provided by the team.

Only when applicants meet all prerequisites will accounts be granted. Additionally, we have a selfie-verification mechanism built into the app that periodically asks our partners to confirm their identification before giving them access to order bookings.

“Delivery-partners will not be permitted to make deliveries on our platform if they fail to meet any of the aforementioned standards during the registration and verification procedure.

“Our Code of Conduct for Partners is available to the public and includes examples of violations that may result in the suspension or termination of a driver-partner’s Grab account. Our Terms of Service, which are freely available to the public, expressly prohibit our partners from giving others permission to utilise their identity or status.

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