Manitoba highway intersection crash 3 people injured in collision after Suv & pick up truck

Three People seriously injured at the Manitoba Highway after Collision of Truck & SUV

Manitoba highway, Canada –  On Monday afternoon there is a collision that has been held in the Trans-Canada highway and Highway 5, Canada.

There are almost 3 people who have been critically injured and sent to the hospital. The crash happen at the time of afternoon in rural section of Manitoba Highway.

A pick up truck and the van who have some people  has collided with each other at 4:45 pm at the intersection of Highway 5 and Trans Canada in North Carberry.

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According to the Royal Canada Police, they said that the Truck was just entering the south on Highway 5 in the intersection was crash on to the SUV which is from the east. And after that they get bump to the the third car. Third one was just waiting in front of the south sign in Trans-Canada highway.

The police said that there is no one dead. So, that’s a relief. But there are Three people who have been seriously injured. After the accident happen first the two people was take immediately to the local hospital there for treatment.

There was the woman in the 40s. She has been wounded severely and in bad condition.  The Canadian air ambulance also known as STARS taken the old woman to the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.

Inspector Lee Fortin of RCMP stated in the statement that “That it seems the injuries are serious at this time. But they will be okay. But it is good to know that no casualty has occurred”.

The news has been spread by the Inspector Fortin that as of now the Trans-Canada is closed at the certain time. As of now the investigation is going on this scene. He said that “People do not pass from this area of right now as it should be delay of them”.

Fortin announced “We very much appreciate that this may be extraordinarily upsetting for some people considering the recent mass casualty collision at the same intersection

We are trying our best to do collect information & data in this as much as possible in time. Till now, those who have witness the crash or video tape it. They can inform to us for support.

Previously on June 15, There was the bus crash that has taken place in this intersection. 17 People were dead at that crash at that time.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How many people injured in the Manitoba Highway crash?
    Ans. There are 3 people who are injured seriously.
  • What was the time when the vehicle crash on to each other?
    Ans. It was around 4:45 pm when the accident happen.
  • When did this happen?
    Ans. It happen on Monday.
  • In Which highway in Canada this crash or accident occur?
    Ans. The crash occur at intersection of Highway 5 and Trans Canada in North Carberry.
  • What did Insp. Lee Fortin said about the accident?
    Ans. RCMP Insp. Fortin stated that there are 3 people injured who have been taken to the hospital. And now the investigation has begin. Till then, the the highway shall be closed.
  • What was the age of the people who injured?
    Ans. According to the news only one person age is identified i.e. a woman. She was seriously wounded. And is around in her 40s.


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