Monitor Lizard Singapore F1 Practice, Lands on Grand Prix track

Monitor Lizard Singapore F1 Practice, Lands on Grand Prix track

This is the extraordinary moment when a big lizard invaded the Singapore Grand Prix, causing the champion, Max Verstappen, to have to turn around “Godzilla’s kid.” .

According to The Sun, spectators were left in tears after the reptile paid the ultimate price when he was eventually run over by Aston Martin star Fernando Alonso. The incident left fans in tears.
As the drivers of Formula One warmed up for this weekend’s race in Southeast Asia, Verstappen and Alonso were taken aback by an unexpected development.

In Singapore’s humid atmosphere, many exotic species are able to thrive despite the low temperatures, which average in the low 30s.

And it looked like one heat-loving beast was trying to get up close and personal with Verstappen and the rest of the team.

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Pundits and drivers alike were taken aback by the massive creature, which is presumed to have been a monitor lizard. It made its way across the track three times during practise on Friday.

While the beast was traversing the asphalt, it paid little attention to the speeding vehicles.

And it was none other than the rising star of the Red Bull racing team, Max Verstappen, who came dangerously near to colliding with the lizard.

In 2016, Verstappen competed against a lizard in Singapore, so this was not his first time going head-to-head with one of the animals that live there.

This time, however, the two-time world champion was obliged to swerve in order to avoid colliding with another vehicle while turning a corner, which resulted in the deployment of yellow flags.

On the Red Bull team radio, Verstappen shouted, “There’s a lizard again on the track! A more manageable one this time”

The response from his team was, “Ok, we get it. Perhaps Godzilla has a son or daughter.”

Verstappen chuckled and said, “That makes perfect sense!”

George Russell, who plays for Williams, also came across the lizard as he raced by, and he said it was the second one he’d seen that day.

He broadcasted over the radio of his crew, “Another lizard, but it’s a different one this time!”

Lando Norris exclaimed, “There’s a dragon on the track,” during the race.

The episode was deemed to be somewhat comical by spectators, with one commenting that “those lizards love that race.”

Another person boasted that they had the “best seat in the house.”

Someone else spoke in, asking, “Who let him onto the track?”

In spite of this, it was later discovered that the defenceless lizard had been squished by the Spanish star Alonso as the Aston Martin guy sped around at a speed of seventy miles per hour.

In third place was Verstappen, followed by Lando Norris in fourth and Lewis Hamilton in five.

And everyone will be keeping a close eye on the qualifying round on Saturday to see if any more mischievous lizards make an appearance.

One disappointed supporter voiced his disbelief, saying, “Ain’t no way, did someone actually run over a lizard.”

Another person voiced their concern, saying, “Did the lizard get run over?” I am completely shattered.”

One person further elaborated, saying, “Finding out there was a lizard on track and someone run him over…”

Charles Leclerc finished 0.078 seconds ahead of Carlos Sainz in the practise session, making it a one-two finish for Ferrari. Carlos Sainz came in second.

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Source: The Sun

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