Ms Puiyi Onlyfans Return, Fashion model is back for her fans

Ms Puiyi Onlyfans Return, Fashion model is back for her fans

Her fans were upset when well known Malaysian influencer Siew Pui Yi, also known by the handle MsPuiyi, left OnlyFans in December.

On September 20, she posted an exciting announcement to Instagram.

The 25 year old captioned the image of her clutching a cake that read, “Welcome back to OnlyFans,” “Baby girl is back on the fans.” And it was clear from the comments that many of her followers were delighted.

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MsPuiyi’s initial departure and reasons behind it

MsPuiyi previously left OnlyFans in order to pursue a new profession as a DJ.

She mentioned her supporters as the reason she wanted to return to the platform on her broadcast channel.

Many of my supporters have asked me whether there are other sites where I can interact with them instead of [via] posts or something, she said.

Her content will be little less filthy and will be toned down.

“It’s free and secure for use at work. There, I will be able to talk to you guys every day,” Ms. Puiyi said.

Her heartfelt messages to fans

She also posted a few conversations she’s been having with her supporters, which have mainly consisted of basic hello and well wishes.

“This is my fourth day on OnlyFans, and I just want to say how kind everyone here is. My email was full of lovely messages and stories. Almost all of you have received daily replies and conversations from me.

The content creator stressed in a separate Instagram post on Thursday (Sept. 21) that she wants all of her social media channels, not only her OnlyFans account, to be “fully based on safe content.”

“The platform is solely being utilised to talk to fans, and once again, the remarks from fans don’t reflect what you guys think of it. I presently manage 10 social media platforms, and none of them have any explicit content, she said.

“I don’t think it has ever been a stigma of the platform because if the creator wants to promote any explicit stuff, they can do it anywhere else,” says the creator.

She also mentioned how the nine months she spent off of OnlyFans had been “cleansing” for her and a means to demonstrate to others that she wasn’t dependent on selling her body for cash.

She declared, “I swear [in] this nine months I proved to people that I could actually have a career without even being sexy and provocative, and I wouldn’t want anyone to think my success come from solely my body.”

But in the end, she acknowledged that she is aware that she cannot influence how other people choose to view her.

“Once more, I demonstrated that preconceptions have served as the foundation for my entire career, and I fully acknowledge their contribution to my achievement to this point.

“I honestly didn’t feel like myself at all for the past nine months. I [had to] monitor what I say, what I do, where I go, who I’m with, what to wear, cover this, cover that, etc. As long as people are making their own assessments on the book’s cover, it is meaningless, she said.

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