Queen St Shooting Auckland CBD 2 People Seriously Injured in New Zealand

Queen St Shooting Auckland CBD

Police has been revealed that at night yesterday. There was shooting incident takes place in Lower Queen street at 11:30 pm in Auckland CBD. As of now, they are currently in to the matter and investigating it.

There are two person who have critically injured after the firing take place. One of them was shot in the head. And the other one was shot in the stomach area. There are lot of people there who are not in fear to get out from their houses.

The Injured victims were taken to the Auckland hospital. One of them is now in stable condition but the other one is still in serious state.

Update: One of the man who was wounded seriously has died according to the doctors in Auckland Hospital.

Man who have shot the people with the gun just escaped and run from the scene in the electric Lime scooter before anything else happen.

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Queen Street Auckland Shooting CCTV Footage

In the CCTV footage the whole shooting incident was caught and seen by the Senior sergeant Craig Bolton. He said that in the footage “there were some small group of people that having the altercation and beef. But suddenly one of the man just take out the gun and started shooting around.

Now, the police are searching for some information that can help. But for that, people who have witness this incident must come forward so that we can investigate what was the real matter. Bolton said.

The reports by the police indicated that at this time we are not sure that the incident was gang related. So, people should not have any harm. This was something else. As we are looking the CCTV footage thoroughly, and study what was that trigger the man to shoot around the bullets to people. It has something to do with the exchange of words between them.

A Chaotic Scene

The criminal who fired the shot was in the Lime scooter before and after also when he ran away from there. Currently, we are looking for more than one people who were on that scene at that time.

Bolton stated “In am truly sorry for the victims who wanted no part in that altercation, minding their own business and were not looking for trouble”.

The man who fired a gun was said to be in red and black pants & also wearing the hat around his head.

There were two groups of people who are ready for fighting each other at the corner of the street of Queen and fort. In a short time one of the group started to brawl with the another, but before that one of the man take out the gun and started firing. Four or five bullets were fired. At that time, people contacted the police.

At the crime scene, there were many scooters that have been lying on the ground at that time. One of the witness told that there are many people who have screamed after the bullets are fired. He saw that one of the man was lying on the ground and the other was helped by the police.

Now, the police are looking for the criminals who are related to this crime after the searching is complete.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • When and where the Shooting incident take place in Newzealand?
    Ans. It takes place at night 11:30 pm yesterday at Lower Queen ST, Auckland CBD.
  • How many people are injured in Queen St Auckland Shooting?
    Ans. There are two people injured in this incident. One was shot in the head & other in abdomen stomach area.
  • Who was the man that fired a gun in the Queen ST, Auckland CBD?
    Ans. Then man has not yet been identified but police are investigating into this case.

Source: nzherald.co.nz

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