Ross Rice Celbridge crash, Wife Pays Emotional Tribute in Social media

Today Ross rice funeral take place at Church. He was died in the Car accident on Tuesday on 18th July. Friends and His family members pays tribute to him.

Ross Rice Celbridge crash

Ross Rice, who passed away in an accident on Tuesday, was well paid tribute by his partner. Ross had just become a father in August last year. But no one knows whose fate will take him where. Ross Rice passed away on Tuesday. He was killed in an accident that happened in Celbridge, County Kildare. Ross was still in his 20s.

Ross Rice was a resident of Cherry Orchard South West Dublin. He just became a father for the first time in August last year.

According to the Irish Police, the time of the incident is being told. That is it. Ross’s vehicle collided with a heavy load truck in County Kildare Town. After the collision, the driver of the big vehicle was not injured that much. But the driver who was driving Ross’s car just run away from there.

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A Heartful Tribute

Sophie McGarry has penned a heartfelt tribute for her partner Ross Rice. She said on social media that “she is very sad and my child’s father has gone far away. He is separated from us. I can never again meet my first love again. Ross was my everything in the world. He was such a good person and true love.”

I will forever be your true love and when I see my baby. It will remind me of you every time.

Daithi Doolan who is an Irish politician and councilor of Dublin city Council said that my condolences goes to Ross Rice family. They May forever be good in rest of their life. This is a bad news about a good person.

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He said “I want to express deepest sympathy to Ross’s family especially his young son, and his wide circle of friends. It is always so sad when someone so young dies so tragically. But I am sure the Cherry Orchard community will rally around them and support them all at this difficult time.”

As of now, the current scenario. The Gardai are looking for any suspect and investigation going in to this scene. There are various reports that is said that they are looking in to accident that happen on Tuesday night, 18th July 2023 on the R403 in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

The truck and the car was crash at the time of 10:50 p.m. The police have spread the word that those who have any kind video or who where there at that time can come and tell us the whole thing.

Ross Funeral will take place on Monday at 11:30 am at the area of Church Most Holy Sacrament.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What was the age of Ross Rice who died in a crash?
    Ans. He was age around in his 20s.
  • When did the funeral take place of Ross Rice?
    Ans. The funeral take place on Monday at Church of the Most Holy Sacrament.
  • How did Ross rice died?
    Ans. Ross rice car and the heavy load truck was collided in the incident.
  • When did this incident happen?
    Ans. It was happen around 18th of July, 2023 at around 10:50 pm.


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