Singaporean Mother Daughter Arrested Smuggling Cocaine, 14 Kg of Cocaine found

Singaporean Mother Daughter Arrested Smuggling Cocaine, 14 Kg of Cocaine found

Two Singaporeans were detained early on Thursday morning at Manila’s main international airport for allegedly bringing 14.36kg of suspected cocaine into the Philippines for the price of 76.1 million pesos (S$1.83 million).

Authorities and the Philippine media named the two as Ms. Siti Aishah Awang, a 63-year-old waitress, and Ms. Alaviyah Hanaffe, a 39-year-old makeup artist.

They were held after arriving from Doha, Qatar, at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) in Manila at around 1am in the morning on Thursday. They were also rumoured to have been in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, before Doha.

The two were detained when the authorities ran passenger profiles, according to the Bureau of Customs, which was quoted by the Manila Times.

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Insights into their smuggling techniques and attempts to deceive authorities

341 pellets containing “white powdered substance suspected to be cocaine” were discovered by Naia Inter-Agency Drug Interdiction Task Group officers within the travellers’ luggage and a duffel bag.

According to Mr Gerald Javier, deputy commander of the Naia Inter-Agency Drug Interdiction Task Group, they were attempting to pass the pellets off as gifts and souvenirs, he told reporters in Manila.

He claimed that the cocaine pellets were hidden in tin cans and canisters that were marked with well-known brands.

He continued by saying that the two suspects placed the tin cans and cannisters inside duty-free plastic bags in an additional effort to avoid being caught.

“The goods were there when we examined the plastic (bags) used… Instead of cookies, cocaine was found within the canisters.

Collaboration between Philippine and Singaporean drug enforcement agencies

In order to determine “the personalities of our suspects,” Mr. Javier stated that the Philippines would work with drug enforcement agencies in Singapore and Qatar.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency is currently in charge of the contraband and the two women for further investigation.

Reporters were given the following statement from the mother, Ms. Siti Aishah: “I don’t know anything, because they said that this one is… nothing illegal.”

The woman’s daughter added, her face concealed: “My mum already declared that she doesn’t know anything. She is unsure of what it contains. I’m done now. I greatly appreciate it.

According to a Central Narcotics Bureau spokeswoman who responded to questions from The Straits Times, the agency is aware that two Singaporean women have been detained in the Philippines for alleged drug-related offences.

The statement stated, “CNB will provide any assistance needed by our Filipino counterparts in their investigations.”

Additionally, CNB urged Singaporeans to abstain from drug use both domestically and abroad.

For a response, ST has gotten in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Past incidents of Singaporeans involved in drug trafficking

In July 2012, a Singaporean was last detained for narcotics trafficking at the airport in Manila.

According to Philippine police records, a man named Danny Ng attempted to smuggle 3.5 kg of “shabu”—a strong stimulant also known as methamphetamine hydrochloride or “poor man’s cocaine”—into the country.

In Bangkok, his final stop before Manila, drug enforcers provided a tip that led to his capture.

A Nepalese woman who was scheduled to pick up the illegal substances from Ng at a hotel in Manila was detained as a consequence of a follow-up operation.

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Source: The Straits Times

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