Siti Junaidah Azahar Lied she was raped by colleagues To Get a ride for home

Siti Junaidah Azahar Lied she was raped by colleagues

Singapore, Redmart – Siti Junaidah Azahar, 22, has pleaded guilty to giving false information to a public servant. This surprising acceptance came after she claimed to have been sexually attacked by two of her coworkers, creating anger and demanding a police response. The event happened in August 2021, while she was working for the supermarket delivery firm RedMart.

Siti Junaidah Azahar submitted a police report at Jurong West Neighbourhood Police Centre on September 6, 2021, at approximately 3:25 AM, saying that she had been raped by her colleagues. According to her account, the alleged assault took place in a motel room on Lavender Street with only one single bed.

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Siti stated that on September 4, 2021, approximately 11 p.m., she drank alcohol in the same hotel room with three colleagues identified as M, A, and H, as well as another acquaintance, Z. She got too drunk after about four cups of whisky and eventually fell asleep on the bed.

Siti told police that when she awoke, she discovered that A, a 20-year-old colleague, was raping her despite her attempts to fight. She further alleged that when she awoke, H, 21, tried to take her shorts off but was unsuccessful due to her efforts to fend him off.

Siti’s experience appears to have ended at 1 a.m. on September 6 when her aunt came to her aid and booked a Grab ride for her, allowing her to exit the hotel room.

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Following her original police report, police launched a detailed investigation. The hotel room was thoroughly inspected, and all remaining alcohol, mixer drinks, and bedding were confiscated for further examination. In order to ascertain the facts surrounding the alleged event, A was arrested and questioned, while H was also interviewed.

However, at a subsequent police interview on September 8, 2021, Siti admitted to faking the rape charges. She revealed to police that her sexual experiences with A and H were mutual and that she had lied in her initial report and statement.

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Siti Junaidah Azahar disclosed that she lied about being sexually attacked because she needed to leave the hotel room but didn’t have the money. Stuck and unable to find a route home, she resorted to texting her cousin, falsely stating that she had been mistreated by “three boys” in order to gain sympathy and support. This tactics ultimately led to her aunt reporting the incident to the police.

Deputy Principal District Judge Kessler Soh issued a probation report and postponed sentencing until November. Those found guilty of giving false information to a public worker may face penalties of up to two years in prison, a $5,000 fine, or both.

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Source: The strait times

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