Tina Satchwell murderer arrested, she has been disappeared for six and a half years

Tina Satchwell murderer arrested, she has been disappeared for six and a half years

Tina Satchwell, who was 45 years old when she vanished from her house in Youghal, County Cork, in March 2017, the Gardai are now investigating as a possible homicide.

An individual in his 50s has been taken into custody on suspicion of having committed murder.

He is currently being questioned at a garda station in Cork after being escorted there by the police.

Additionally, gardai are conducting a search at a location in Youghal.

On March 24, 2017, Ms. Satchwell’s husband, Richard, made the official report that she was missing.

When she was 19 years old, she and Mr. Satchwell first met in Leicester, which is where Richard is from. They lived the most of their married lives in Fermoy, which is located in County Cork and also Ms. Satchwell’s birthplace.

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Around 18 months before to her disappearance, they relocated from Fermoy to Youghal after selling the family house there.

Her mobile phone was still at home when she returned.

According to Mr. Satchwell, she was extremely dedicated to her two dogs and her parrot as a pet. These were also left at the residence after everyone had left.

Mr. Satchwell referred to his wife as a kind and giving individual. She was one of five children, including four sisters and three brothers in her family.

Her family in Fermoy said that she was a lively and sociable person.

Teresa Dingivan, her sister, reported that Ms. Satchwell simply would not get up and move around.

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Tina would never abandon her family if she had the chance. “No way, not ever,” answered Ms. Dingivan. It is distressing not to know where she is and to wonder whether or not she is safe and whether or not she has sufficient funds. It is something that goes through your mind.

Over the course of the past six and a half years, the inquiry into Ms. Satchwell’s disappearance that was initiated by the garda has continued.

Garda performed a comprehensive technical and forensic investigation of the couple’s three-story home on Grattan Street in Youghal, as well as their vehicle, three months after it was reported that she was missing.

Two months later, the gardai carried out forensic examinations on two suitcases that Mr. Satchwell had discovered in the carpark of a retail business in the town, where there was a clothes bank. He speculated that his wife might have owned one of them at one point in time.

The tests were unable to find any evidence that Ms. Satchwell was connected to the baggage in any way.

Later on during same month, members of the Garda Water Unit searched the shoreline at Youghal, while other members of the Garda Divisional Search Team looked through an area of wasteland in another part of the town.

As March 2018, the one-year anniversary of Ms. Satchwell’s disappearance, approached, the search effort was stepped up to its most intensive level.

Between Midleton and Youghal, the Gardai cordoned off a wooded area totaling 40 acres at Castlemartyr.

The investigation into Mitchel’s Wood lasted for close to two weeks before it was finally called off.

To reiterate what has already been said, nothing of consequence was discovered. The garda crew continued their job.

In March 2020, the gardai made the announcement that they were going to conduct a peer review of the investigation that had been done up until that point into her abduction. This occurred on the occasion of the third anniversary of her disappearance.

At that point, they stated that they had investigated more than 370 distinct lines of inquiry, that they had seen more than 100 hours of CCTV, and that they had taken more than 170 statements.

The Gardai made a fresh plea for assistance from the general public in March of this year, which marked the sixth anniversary of her abduction.

“Any new information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, will be welcomed by the investigating team,” according to them.

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