Toa Payoh Flat death, 94-Year-Old Man’s Life Ends in Mystery

Toa Payoh Flat death, 94-Year-Old Man’s Life Ends in Mystery

Key points:

  • The elderly man’s absence for nearly two weeks raised concerns among neighbors.
  • Neighbors reported a foul odor coming from his flat.
  • Police discovered the 94-year-old man’s deteriorating body in his Toa Payoh flat on October 4th.
  • He was described as tall, slim, quiet, and nice by other residents.
  • The elderly man was found dead, and no foul play is suspected based on preliminary findings.

It had been nearly two weeks since he had been seen outside. Just a few days ago, his flat was giving out a bad odour, according to the neighbours. His front door remained unanswered when knocks were made.

The 94-year-old man’s deteriorating body was discovered in the one-room flat at Block 54 Toa Payoh Lorong 5 when police eventually entered his residence on Wednesday (Oct. 4) at around 1pm, according to Shin Min Daily News.

The Chinese newspaper reported that a reader had alerted the publication after spotting numerous police vehicles parked below the HDB building.

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When reporters left the lift on the 12th level to investigate, they immediately smelled something awful. A number of police officers were stationed in front of the unit where the body was purportedly discovered, and both ends of the corridor were blocked off.

Neighbor accounts and concerns

Shin Min was informed by the deceased’s next-door neighbour, Kamis, 31, that the elderly guy hadn’t been seen in nearly two weeks. He went on to say that while they would often greet one another whenever they ran into one another, the dead man was a man of few words.

Kamis mentioned that he had became concerned four days prior after smelling something unpleasant. He twice knocked on the elderly man’s door, but no one was there to answer. As the days went by, the odour grew stronger, and the police were eventually notified, according to Kamis.

The dead had once disclosed that he had children, but nobody had ever seen them pay him a visit, according to another neighbour with the last name Wang.

The deceased was always alone, with no visitors even during the holidays, according to several locals Shin Min spoke with. The man was characterised by other estate residents as being tall and slim built, quiet yet nice, and having worked in a fast food restaurant in his younger years.

Another neighbour bemoaned the fact that the elderly man had been living alone for years and had passed away secretly at home.

The police’s initial findings and ongoing investigation

Police acknowledged that they had received a call for assistance on October 4 at 10.40am in response to AsiaOne’s inquiries.

A 94-year-old man was discovered inside the flat laying motionless and was declared dead at the scene, according to a police report. It further stated that police investigations are ongoing and that no foul play is believed to have occurred based on preliminary findings.

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Source: AsiaOne

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