Wexford Drug Operation, Navy & Garda Drug Squad Involved 2 People

Wexford’s Drug Bust: A Joint Effort by Gardaí and Military

Wexford Drug Operation

Key Points:

  • Trawler Ran Aground: A fishing trawler, suspected of transporting a significant amount of cocaine, ran aground off the coast of Wexford, Ireland
  • Arrests Made: Two individuals were taken into custody, but the nature of the charges against them was not disclosed, creating speculation about a “major national investigation.”
  • Ongoing Investigation: The Irish Naval Service declined to comment on the situation, and a military patrol aircraft conducted a sweep of the coastlines, following the trawler’s suspected route from Castletownbere.
  • Increased Military Activity: There was an increase in military activity along the Waterford shoreline during the incident.

Wexford Drug Operation – After a trawler that was believed to be transporting an enormous amount of cocaine ran aground off the coast of Wexford, two men were taken into custody as a result of the incident.

An emergency call was placed to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and the Coast Guard Rescue 117 helicopter after a fishing trawler went aground on a sandbank approximately 11.30 miles off the coast of Blackwater, County Wexford, on Sunday.

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Although the authorities have not yet been able to board the vessel due to the weather conditions, two individuals, one of whom was from the United Kingdom and the other from eastern Europe, were winched to safety from it. However, no narcotics have yet been discovered.

It is said that Rescue 117 was told to back off when it approached the scene of the disabled vessel and that they were also advised that the trawler was being tracked by the LÉ William Butler Yeats of the Irish Navy, which was allegedly carrying members of the Garda National Drugs Squad on board. Because of the strong winds, it would have been extremely challenging to winch the two men onboard any aircraft, even if the Coast Guard helicopter had been alerted that an Air Corps helicopter was on its way. However, the Coast Guard helicopter did report this information.

During the operation, which lasted for more than six hours, the Rosslare RNLI lifeboat made multiple efforts to tie a tow-line to the trawler, despite the enormous waves and winds that were present.

It is believed that the navy told the crew of the RNLI not to board the trawler or remove anyone from it while they were attempting to liberate the vessel that they were trying to release.

A visible military presence could be seen off the coast of Wexford throughout the later hours of Monday morning and afternoon. Air Corps helicopters and planes were seen patrolling the shoreline south from Ballyconnigar, and one helicopter was even seen landing on a football ground in Castlebridge outside of Wexford town in order to pick up personnel before taking off again.

Before the two men were taken into custody, there was talk going around that a discovery had been made while they were out at sea.

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A source within the emergency services confirmed that it would be “unprecedented” for a casualty to be transferred onto a military vessel unless there were extenuating circumstances. The trawler and the naval warship continued to remain in the water off the coast of Wexford throughout the night.

The Irish Naval Service does not wish to comment on the actions at this time.

During the course of the day on Monday, a local garda source was able to confirm that two individuals had been arrested, however, there was no information regarding the nature of the charges against them. Simply being in a position to claim that it was a “major national investigation” was all that the source could do.

An Air Corps Casa C-295 maritime patrol aircraft conducted a sweep of the Wexford and Waterford coastlines on Monday afternoon. The aircraft followed the route apparently taken by the trawler, which is believed to have departed from Castletownbere. There was a rise in the amount of military activity along the Waterford shoreline on Monday afternoon.

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