Woodland Kinderland Teacher Lin Min Abuse, Preschool Teacher Fired

Disturbing Incidents Caught on Camera

A Kinderland teacher “Lin Min” has been fired after going viral online for abusing children. Multiple videos of pre school teacher has been going viral on social media, videos such as forcing children to drink water and hitting them on their buttocks with a book.

In one of the videos teacher forcing a child to drink water by pushing the child’s head back several times in about 12 seconds.

The boy cries over and over again and tries to push her hands from his forehead but he couldn’t. Teacher after grabbing the child from torso, teacher laugh and says in mandarin that I can’t feed him with one hand.

After letting go of the boy teacher yells at the other children’s and asks “Who is the next one?”.

Teacher violence can be seen in other videos too, in one of the video she squeezes the mouth of a girl and forces by making the girl lie on the ground and pouring the water into her mouth. Teacher keeps forcing her to drink water as the girl cries.

Third video which was going viral as well in which teacher can be seen hitting the child in the buttocks with a book and other things.

Woodland Kinderland Teacher arrested

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Swift and Decisive Response

An Early childhood Development Agency(EDCA) confirmed that teacher had been fired and also police mentioned that investigation is under process. ECDA will work with teachers to make sure the safety of the children.

On Monday Ms. Poh told the ST that investigation should be completed before making the decision that the events were abusive or not.

Parents Speak Out

One of the children parent’s already informed the pre school principal two weeks ago that teacher had misbehaved with their child.

Pre school principal told the parents that Ms Lin used little bit of force to get their daughter to drink water and Ms Lin also mentioned that she wasn’t trying to hurt them so we didn’t have to worry too much.

Mother of the child mentioned that their daughter was attending pre school since she was four months old and her mother said that “it is really heartbreaking that her daughter is being treated wrong for so long”. They are looking for a new pre school for their child.

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Ms. Poh Li San shared a post on Facebook and mentioned that:

Dear residents and parents of children attending Kinderland @ Woodlands Mart, I understand your concerns and worries related to the videos of a certain teacher rough-handling and smacking children, that are circulating online. Such unprofessional acts certainly cannot be condoned and the staff must be brought to task.”

I understand that the teacher has been dismissed and investigations by ECDA and the police are currently ongoing. I am assisting parents of affected children.”

Meantime, please take care and we will do our best to assist the parents and children affected.”

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Where is this incident happen in Singapore?
    Ans. This happen in Woodland Kinderland School in Singapore.
  • Which teacher has been fired from School?
    Ans. Lin Min whose age is 33 was fired from the school.
  • Who was arrested in this incident?
    Ans. Lin min A teacher from Kinderland Woodland has been arrested for forcing children to drink water and shouting and hitting them.

Source: TheStraitsTimes

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