Yong Pei Yoong Jailed Six Months, Stole colleagues Debit Card

Yong Pei Yoong Jailed Six Months, Stole colleagues Debit Card

At Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, a 38-year-old nurse took the debit cards from her coworkers in the staff lavatory and subsequently used them to settle the bill at a hotpot restaurant and purchase bird’s nest.

Yong Pei Yoong was sentenced to six months in prison on Thursday after entering a guilty plea to three counts of deception and one count of stealing from a home. She requested a one-month delay in the sentencing so she could quit her work and take care of other personal affairs.

The first victim, a medical sales representative for Johnson & Johnson, entered the hospital’s female changing area on March 24 to put on surgical scrubs before going into the operating room, according to deputy public prosecutor Koh Yi Wen.

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The changing room is only accessible to medical workers, who also use it to keep their belongings. A staff member brought the victim into the changing area.

Since the victim was a guest without a locker allotted to her, she left her purse, which contained her wallet, in the open cupboard while she worked in the operation room from 2.45 to 5 p.m.

When Yong noticed the victim’s luggage was unattended, he removed a debit card from the wallet.

Around 6.50 p.m., Yong used the card to make a $138 purchase at a store in Novena Square of three bottles of bird’s nest with ginseng. She used it two days later to make a total of $101.57 worth of food purchases at a hotpot restaurant on Cross Street. The debit card was then tossed into a trash can.

On April 5, Yong stole a debit card from the same changing room that belonged to another nurse. She used it the same day to purchase bird’s nest with ginseng from a store in Northpoint City for $158.40. She quickly dumped the debit card into the trash.

When the victims discovered their debit cards were missing and had been used for illegal purchases, they both notified the police.

DPP Koh noted that Yong’s acts were primarily perpetrated in an opportunistic way and that she had voluntarily stopped offending before her detention. She is requesting a sentence of six to nine months in prison.

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Yong’s Apology and Explanation

Yong, who was not represented, apologised for his actions by saying: “I want to sorry. I was going through a mental breakdown at the time and had been traumatised by my previous encounter.

Yong explained to District Judge James Elisha Lee that five years prior, when the hotel room she was occupying was broken into, her possessions were taken. I don’t know what happened to me, but I just broke down when I saw the debit cards, so… At the time, I was unsure of what to do.

District Judge Lee instructed Yong to turn a new page after delivering the sentence and forbade her from committing any more violations.

The Straits Times was informed by a spokeswoman for Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital that Yong had been suspended following the incident.

The spokesman said she started working at the hospital in 2018 and added: “It is regrettable that she has now been found to have fallen short of the standards expected of all our employees and will have to face further disciplinary action.”

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Source: The Straits Times

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