Peckham Hair Cosmetics Fight Video, Man & Woman Fight Footage

Peckham Hair Cosmetics Fight Video

Peckham Hair Cosmetics Fight Video

This afternoon (September 12), a mob of people gathered outside a hair and beauty store in South London in anger over a video that had been spreading on social media.

As a result, the shop was forced to close. The video depicts an encounter between a female customer and the male proprietor of Peckham Hair and Cosmetics, Sohail Sindho, 45. During the course of the confrontation, Mr. Sindho appears to have his hands around the customer’s neck.

A video clip that was filmed by Edilenny Douteo, who was 18 years old at the time and was shopping at the store on Monday, September 11, has aroused outrage because of the way that Mr. Sindho handled the disagreement, which was about him rejecting the woman a refund.

Peckham Protest Today outside Hair Cosmetic Shop

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He adds that she tried to take products and leave the shop, claiming that she was collecting what she was owed, but Mr. Sindho obstructed her escape, and a fight developed as a result. The woman, who is 31 years old and suspected of assault, was taken into custody by the police and later released on bail.

In the video that Miss Douteo shared, which only shows a portion of the incident, it appears that the woman struck Mr. Sindho in the head with a basket as he tried to push the woman towards the exit. After that, Mr. Sindho appears to place his hands around the woman’s throat.

This afternoon, as word of the planned protest moved through social media platforms, a gathering crowd of people gathered in Rye Lane outside of the business, which had closed its doors in advance in preparation for the event.

While doing so, they chanted, spoke into a microphone, and taped interviews in which they discussed violence against women and within the Black community. All of this took place while they affixed placards to the storefront that included the phrase “closing down.” On Saturday, there will be yet another protest.

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