Jennifer Garner Gives Homeless Man Her Shoes Socks & Baggie

Jennifer Garner Helps a Poorman in Santa Monica Beach

Jennifer Garner and the photographer united to assist someone in need. On Sunday afternoon, the photographer was recording the actress in her car in a Santa Monica Beach, California, parking lot when she pulled down her window and started having conversations with a homeless man in a wheelchair.

The 51-year-old Garner, who laughed as he spoke with the man, who was sporting a green T-shirt, before giving him a plastic baggie containing some basic necessities.

The “Alias” star noticed the man had no shoes on, so she opened her door, stepped out of her car, knee down in front of him, and started putting socks on his feet.

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A few feet away, the mum of three in casual clothing spotted the pap and immediately moved in his direction. She kept asking, “What size feet do you have?” Could I purchase your shoes for him? He requires a shoe.

When the photographer enquired about the man’s size, Garner said, “10 and a half.” “Oh, I’m 11! Do you want me to hand it to him? He happily replied, “I can give it to him,” and informed the Golden Globe winner that she did not have to pay him.

Garner stated that he had a blanket in his car and offered that as well after placing the man’s feet in the pap’s black trainers.

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Source: Pagesix/TMZ

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