Travis Barker Give Drumstick To Fan At Blink-182 Concert

Travis Barker Give Drumstick To Fan At Blink-182 Concert

A clip of the 47-year-old Blink-182 drummer surprising a pop-punk enthusiast with the ultimate gift—a set of Barker’s own drumsticks from a tour—was shared to Instagram.

“1st day of tour,” Barker said in the video’s title.

The video was captured in Antwerp, Belgium, outside of the band’s performance this week, and tour photographer Clemente Ruiz also shared it on his Instagram Story.

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The Fan’s Special Request

A view of a Blink fan holding a homemade cardboard sign with the words “Can I have a drumstick” scribbled across it and the band’s logo hand-drawn underneath opens the clip.

The camera cuts to Barker, who walks all the way out of the venue to greet the fan while sporting a Blink 182 jersey and flashing a huge smile. After giving the fan his tour drumsticks, Barker gives him a warm hug in front of the cheers of the audience.

The fan can be seen pouring tears of delight into another man’s arms at the conclusion of the video. He said, “Travis Barker just gave me drumsticks.” The question “What the f—?”

In the caption that Ruiz added over the video, he stated that Barker “was down as soon as we saw the sign when we drove in the venue.”

The concert was a significant occasion for Barker as well because it was the band’s first live performance since he left their U.K. tour to assist his wife Kourtney Kardashian, 44, who underwent emergency surgery last week.

The group initially stated that the cancellation of three gigs in Glasgow, Belfast, and Dublin was due to “an urgent family matter,” but then clarified that Barker had “flew home for a life-threatening emergency surgery for our baby that I’m so grateful went well.” On Instagram, Kardashian shared details of her trip.

“My rock, my husband, who came running from a tour to be at my side in the hospital and take care of me afterwards, will always have my gratitude. And to my mum, thank you for being there for me during this, she added, adding that as a mother of three, she “wasn’t prepared for the fear of rushing into urgent fetal surgery.”

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“I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been through a similar situation can even begin to understand that feeling of fear,” she continued. “I now completely understand and respect the mothers who have had to fight for their unborn children while they were still pregnant. God is to be praised. The truest blessing was leaving the hospital with my baby boy still inside of me and secure.

Barker has given his drumsticks to fans before; in fact, he did it again in August when he gave them to a 9-year-old fan in Los Angeles. Grayson Roberts, a blind musician, was surprised by Barker at his lemonade stand late last month, and the two even shared a performance, according to Billboard.

“I brought you some drumsticks and I also brought some donations, I brought some money,” stated Barker.

Source: People

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