Ballyjamesduff Fire Death – A woman and a man dies in Co Cavan

Ballyjamesduff Fire Death

In the midnight hours, a fire in County Cavan claimed the lives of a woman in her 80s and a man in his 50s, who were believed to be mother and son.

On Sunday morning, just before 2 o’clock, the emergency services were made aware of a fire that was taking place at a private property in Lackenmore, a rural region that is located between Ballyjamesduff town and New Inn.

The fire was put out by the fire department personnel that responded to the scene. Both the woman and the male were determined to have passed away at the scene.

“Garda were alerted to a fire at a domestic residence in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan, shortly before 2am on Sunday morning, 10th September 2023,” said a Garda spokesman. “The fire occurred at a domestic residence in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan.”

The fire was put out by emergency personnel that responded to the location.

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A woman and a man dies in Co Cavan

It was determined that a woman in her eighties and a male in his fifties had passed away at the scene of the incident. The deceased individuals’ remains have been transported to the mortuary at Cavan General Hospital, where a postmortem examination will be performed at the appropriate time.

“The location of the fire is now being maintained so that the Garda Technical Bureau can conduct a technical investigation there. The coroner has been made aware of the situation. There have been inquiries made.”

Trevor Smith, a councillor for Fine Gael, referred to the deaths as a “terrible tragedy” and expressed that the “thoughts and prayers of the whole community are with the family, their relatives, and friends at this difficult time.”

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What caused the fire in Ballyjamesduff?

Ans. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, with the Garda Technical Bureau conducting a thorough examination.

2. Were there any survivors?

Ans. Unfortunately, there were no survivors in this tragic incident. Both the elderly woman and the middle-aged man passed away at the scene.

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