Chris Brown Fires Back at Tinashe Over Their ‘Unpleasant’ Collaboration

Chris Brown Fires Back at Tinashe Over Their ‘Unpleasant’ Collaboration

Chris Brown responded over the weekend to Tinashe’s remarks from the Zach Sang Show interview, which was shared on YouTube last Tuesday (Sept. 12). During their discussion, Tinashe was questioned about her prior collaborations with R. Kelly and Chris Brown, both of whom have been accused of abuse.

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She pointed to her R. Kelly-assisted single “Let’s Be Real Now” as “embarrassing” and said that the 2015 Chris Brown duet “Player” was the label’s idea and not her own.

“I actively push that R. Kelly song out of my head. Regarding the Kellz track, she remarked, “I forget that it even exists. That I even have a song with R. Kelly is so surreal. It’s embarrassing, that. The 30-year-old singer claimed that Breezy’s contribution was forced upon her.

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“We all wanted the song to be this great moment, this massive single. So I think people were thinking, ‘You need the support,'” she remembered. He was the biggest performer they had at the time on rhythmic radio. I thought, “Well, this is a pop song.” I thus don’t think Chris should be added to the list. I don’t understand that, but I don’t know.

Brown responded to Tinashe’s remarks on Instagram after hearing about them.

He added, “NAME 5 TINASHE songs or die… [Looking eyes emoji] EVERYBODY DEAD .”

Additionally, the R&B singer referred to Tinashe as “evil” and said that her career is “nonexistent.”

She is filled with evil. The career of Shawty is nonexistent,” he stated. The fact that she collaborated with so many individuals and none of us were able to restore her career is even more shameful.

In an Instagram Story from last month, Chris Brown addressed reports that his contract had been terminated. Before announcing his comeback, Breezy answered a question on getting “x-ed out” in the music business from a third-person perspective in the post below.

WEIRDOs – Were we not going to cancel Chris Brown, WEIRDOs? On his Instagram Story, Breezy scribbled over a black-and-white image. Me: I’m still alive, smiley face included.

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