Kitten Saved from Death After Being Left on the Side of a Road

Kitten Saved from Death After Being Left on the Side of a Road

They believed this small ginger to be deceased. When they noticed a little limb twitch in hope, the kitten, who was lying on the street alone, showed no indications of movement.

This poor kitty had ants all over him when he was discovered curled up on the ground. The kitten obviously needed a lot of assistance. After discovering the small, lifeless kitten, two kindhearted people decided to try and find help for him.

Here in the Philippines, my girlfriend and I saw him curled up next to an auto repair shop. The mechanics said he was brought there and playing with him by street kids. There was dirt all over him. Andy said to the residents of Love Meow that pus had sealed off his right eye.

The kitten was hurried to an animal hospital so that he could receive the necessary care. They gave him the name Alden!

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The veterinarian bandaged him, gave him milk and prescribed medication for his eye infection. And he was very, very dehydrated. Alden’s eyes are lovely and wide open after just three days of taking his medication and giving him milk substitutes every four hours.

When Alden walked, he was still waddling a little. “He no longer limps when walking and cries aloud for more milk!” For several days, they had to feed the ginger youngster with a syringe until he had the strength to eat by himself.

On October 10, Alden arrived at his new forever home. He is eating well and recuperating nicely. Nearly three weeks have passed since they discovered him. He has large ears, a huge belly, and a lot of attitude.

He is eating a lot and moving around more these days. We are overjoyed to have brought him home.









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