Damaris Milton Atlanta Airport Stabbing Today, Woman Stabs Police Officer Driver, 3 People Injured

Damaris Milton Atlanta Airport Stabbing Today, Woman Stabs Police Officer Driver & 3 People

Damaris Milton Atlanta Airport Stabbing

Damaris Milton Atlanta Airport Stabbing Today – Reportedly to the officials, a lady holding a knife is suspected of stabbing three individuals inside of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Wednesday. One of the victims was a police lieutenant.

Terrifying video footage shows the lady, later identified as Damaris Milton, 44, carrying the blade at approaching law enforcement authorities as passengers waited nearby only feet away, separated by glass. The film was obtained by WSBTV.

At approximately 4:45 in the afternoon, police were made aware of the armed woman who was standing outside of the security checkpoint close to the airport’s south terminal, which is where domestic flights depart and arrive.

It is believed that Milton began her stabbing rampage when she stabbed the cab driver who was waiting for her when she arrived at the airport. This occurred before the authorities attempted to contain Milton to one location and “limit her movement.” While officers were trying to get Milton to put down the knife, she allegedly attacked a member of the airport staff and an officer with the knife in the leg.

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After the stabbings, Milton was arrested and taken into custody by law enforcement.  According to Atlanta Police Sergeant John Chafee, “it does not appear that there is a connection between her and them [victims], but that is something we will be looking into.” However, the investigation will continue.

“Charges are going to be filed at some point,” Sgt. Chafee said, even though the police are still trying to figure out what drove Milton to act irrationally.

Other videos that were shared on social media showed other passengers who were waiting in queue at the security checkpoint bending down for their own protection.

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As stated by Sarah Nagem, who is from Raleigh, North Carolina, she reported hearing someone shout, “Get on the floor, get on the floor,” as was reported in the Journal-Constitution. According to Nagem, she never saw the suspect but was told by someone to remain on the floor. She added, “They [airport staff] were trying to reassure us that, you know, we were safe, that it wasn’t someone trying to create violence randomly.”

According to Fox 5, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that despite the hectic scene at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, there were neither cancellations nor delays.

Source: NYPOST

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