Northland Dog Attack Moerewa, 1 Dead & 2 Other are Injured

Northland Dog Attack Moerewa, 1 Dead & 2 Other are Injured

Northland Dog Attack Moerewa

Northland Dog Attack Moerewa – This afternoon, a dog was responsible for the death of an elderly woman who lived in the Northland. According to the woman’s nephew, she had been hanging out washing in the town of Moerewa when a dog walked onto the property and attacked her.

The incident took place. According to St. John Ambulance, there were also two people who were hurt, and one of them was transported to Bay of Islands Hospital in Kawakawa with moderate injuries.

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It is alleged that a neighbour shot the dog before the police arrived to investigate. Members of the family are in a state of grief and have assembled outside the house. Acting Senior Sergeant James Calvert of the Police Department stated that officers responded to a call at approximately 4:40 p.m. “Upon arrival, a deceased person was discovered,” the report said. An investigation of the crime scene is still being carried out.

“We can confirm that there is no risk to the general public.” He verified that the dog had been put to death.
The death has been turned over to the coroner for investigation. In August of the previous year, a pack of dogs was responsible for the killing of a Panguru man named Neville Thomson.

The body of Mr. Thomson was found at his residence in the northern Hokianga Harbour. According to the police, he had not been killed by his own dogs but rather by the dogs of another person.

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Following the finding of his body, police and those in charge of animal control picked up 25 neo mastiff crosses and bulldog crosses living on the property and transported them to the animal shelter run by the Far North District Council. At the site, there found a second dog that was shot outside.

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