Matanzas High School Student Severely Beat Teacher For Stop Playing Nintendo Switch

Matanzas High School Student Severely Beat Teacher

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Florida Teacher “Joan Naydich” Brutally Beaten By Student “Brendan Depa”, Student was charged and carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

Matanzas High School Student Severely Beat Teacher – Following to a source, the Florida instructor who was knocked unconscious by a 270-pound student in a video that went viral has declined to assist the teen’s defence in reducing his sentence. The incident was captured on film.

After aggressively throwing Matanzas High School paraprofessional Joan Naydich to the ground, Brendan Depa, who was then 17 years old, could be seen on the video kicking and striking her in the back and head more than a dozen times until other staff members dragged him off of her.

Joan Naydich

The unhappy teenager reportedly told authorities that he assaulted Naydich because his professors had forced him to stop playing a video game on a Nintendo Switch.
Since Depa was charged as an adult, the felony charge of aggravated battery, which is a first-degree felony, carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

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It has been reported by Flagler Live that Naydich has “shown no interest in mitigating what penalties Depa might face.”

The autistic teenager, who was initially charged as a juvenile in the case before the raps were upgraded, has decided to plead guilty in order to avoid having to go to trial. However, Judge Terrence Perkins still retains the power to decide whether or not to sentence him as a juvenile, which would result in a sentence as light as probation.

Brendan Depa

It is possible that the teen’s limitations will have a role in his choice. Before the horrifying attack in February on Naydich, who was treated at a hospital following the assault, Depa, who is now 18 years old, had been arrested three times for battery in the past. According to another article published by Flagler Live, Depa was involved in a fight within the jail just one month ago.

During the course of his arrest, Depa, who has a height of 6 feet 6 inches, allegedly made a death threat against Naydich.

Initially, it was claimed that Naydich had personally taken the Nintendo device away from him, but in subsequent interviews, she denied doing so.

She said this on a GoFundMe campaign that has generated more than $100,000 so far. “I’m hopeful that the awareness of this incident being spread far and wide will prevent anyone else from ever dealing with the trauma, physical healing, and disruption of everyday life that this has caused,” she said.

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In the later part of this month, Depa is scheduled to enter his plea, and after that, he will be sentenced in a separate trial. In recent years — and days — the high school that was the scene of the assault has been plagued by an epidemic of violence.

A major fight broke out in the middle of a busy corridor at the Palm Coast school just this past week, which resulted in the arrest of eleven students.

During the incident, deputies and administrators who sought to bring order out of the mayhem were pushed and attacked by others present.

As a response to the fight, the sheriff of Flagler County, Rick Staly, stated that “the lack of respect that was demonstrated by these students is simply shameful.” “However, actions do have repercussions.”

This week saw yet another instance of violence when a kid aged 16 years old was arrested for biting a teacher who intervened in a quarrel between her and another student of the same age.


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