Richard Satchwell Charged For Tina Satchwell Murder, Husband Due to Appear on Court

Richard Satchwell Charged For Tina Satchwell Murder

Gardai has arrested Tinsa satchwell Husband Richard Satchwell, As he has to appear on the court.

Tina Satchwell murder case Update – Tomorrow, a man who was arrested by Gardai in connection with the killing of Tina Satchwell, who was 45 years old, is scheduled to appear in front of a court sitting in Tipperary. Gardai in Youghal, Ireland, detained Tina’s husband of 26 years, Richard Satchwell, 53, on Thursday, just minutes after the State Pathologist verified that human remains found hidden in a home in the east Cork seaside town were truly human. Richard Satchwell was arrested in Youghal.

“The guy in his 50s who was arrested by Garda when they were investigating the murder of Tina Satchwell has been charged in connection with the crime.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 14th of October 2023, at 10:30 in the morning, he is scheduled to appear in front of an additional session of the Cashel District Court. Gardai reported that.

Richard Satchwell

Since then, dental records have proved that the skeletal remains that were discovered hidden under a concrete floor and behind a blocked-up wall behind a stairwell in the property were those of Tina, who went missing without a trace in March of 2017.

Tina’s exact cause of death as well as the length of time that her remains were kept hidden in the space located underneath the concrete and block-up wall are currently being investigated over the course of ongoing forensic and pathology tests.

Under the terms of Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act of 1984, the truck driver Satchwell was taken into arrest on the previous Thursday at noon in Youghal and questioned in the Cobh Garda Station.

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He was taken into custody on Tuesday, but on Wednesday night he was released without any charges being filed against him. Although Satchwell now calls Youghal, Ireland, home, he was born and raised in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom.

It comes after a significant four-day operation by the Garda, during which an investigation into Tina’s disappearance was turned in to a murder investigation, and a property in Youghal was exposed to a thorough investigation and examination. Although it is winding down in a measured manner, the Garda investigation of the Youghal house is still currently ongoing.

In order to carry out the detailed search of the property, which included conducting targeted excavations, the Gardai made use of jackhammers, drills, mini-diggers, and a shrub clearance equipment.

In addition to that, it required officers to wear breathing apparatus as they laboriously inspected culverts and drains. The cadaver dog used by the Garda was specifically trained for this task.

An emotional memorial service was held for Tina today by her family.

Teresa, her older sister, expressed that she hopes that her sibling would finally be able to find peace and be reunited with their cherished mother now that she had passed away.

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“Rest in peace, my dear sister Tina; you can finally find some peace, love. We have located your true love…I adore you and think of you often.

“You are now with mum – fly high my beautiful girl.”

Teresa’s statement that her sister was “adored” by the rest of the family and contacts of the family also included that her sister was “kind, considerate, funny, stylish, bubbly, and independent.”

Tina left her home in Youghal on March 20, 2017, and was never seen or heard from again.

She had spent some time in the UK when she was a teenager, and it was there that she first met her future husband. She was originally from Fermoy, which is located in north Cork.

Before moving to Youghal, the couple had spent a good number of years making their home in Fermoy.

Tina’s location were unknown until this week, despite many search efforts, public pleas for information, and review of dozens of hours’ worth of film from closed-circuit television security cameras.

Mitchel’s Wood, which is located just outside of Castlemartyr in east Cork, was the location of the most recent significant targeted search that was done in relation to her disappearance. This search, which involved sixty Garda and support staff, took place in March of 2018.

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During that extensive search that lasted for 12 days, nothing of significant was found.

The garda investigation consisted of 400 distinct lines of enquiry, over 100 hours of CCTV material, and 170 statements up until this week.

During the course of the search efforts, Mitchel’s Wood was meticulously investigated, and offshore operations were carried out in the general area of Youghal Bay.


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