O’Shae Sibley Stabbed At Gas Station Midwood Brooklyn After Dancing

Dancer O’Shae Sibley Stabbed and Killed in Gas Station in Brooklyn Midwood After dancing

The Tragic Incident

O’Shae Sibley Stabbed – A dancer name O’Shae Sibley has been stabbed at the night of Saturday. This stabbing incident was done at night at the area of Gas station. The Gas station is in Midwood, Brooklyn. As of now, the New york city mourns after the death of O’Shae Sibley. Sibley was only 28 years old. As of now, Police are investigation What had happen and who clearly stabbed Sibley. They are looking for the 17 year old boy who is suspect in this case.

At 11:15 pm at night, There was call that is made to the Police station. They immediately went to scene and the body of O’Shae Sibley was in critical condition. But he was stabbed so badly, that when they get him to Maimonides Medical Center. The doctor announced that he was dead.

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This whole incident took place in Midwood Gas station in Brooklyn. Silbey was with his friends group where they are enjoying their dancing (vogueing) in the music of Beyoncé near the Coney Island Avenue and Avenue P Mobil Station.

Suddenly, one of the person talk to the group and oppose them. After sometime he came with the group of his own and confronted the dancers that their dancing insulted them as Muslims. After sometime from the heated argument between the groups. O’Shae Sibley and his group was about leave that area. But in matter of time, one of the man from another group stabbed Sibley in his torso, when they are outside the storefront.

Recording of the Crime

Full crime was recorded on the Camera there. Summy Ullah stated that he recognized the attacker. He said that one of the them was smoke shop worker and other are his friends. They used gas station shop bathroom frequently. Now, the police are searching for the 17 year old boy. No arrest till now has been made as the investigation is currently going on.

O’Shae Sibley best friend Otis Pena said that we were just his birthday at the beach. After we done celebratin we just stopped at the Gas station for something. But the those who have attacked us, they said Homophobic Comments to Sibley. Sibley just replied that “Yeah, we’re gay, but we’re just celebrating my brother’s birthday.”

Pena said and describe the scene when holding Sibely in her arms while he was covered in blood. “They stabbed him right in front of me. Only because he was gay and stand up for his friends”. “They just killed him. He was my brother.” 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • When was O’Shae Sibley attacked and stabbed?
    Ans. Sibley was attacked on 29 July near the gas station in Midwood, Brooklyn.
  • Who was O’Shae Sibley?
    Ans. O’Shae Sibley was a dancer. He was member of Philadelphia dance troupe Philadanco.
  • What was O’Shae Sibely and his friends was doing in the Coney Island Avenue beach?
    Ans. They were just celebrating the Birthday party that’s it.
  • What was the age of O’Shae Sibely?
    Ans. He was 28 years old.
  • Who stabbed O’Shae Sibley?
    Ans. As of now the police are looking for the 17 year old boy and other. But now answer have been came out that who stabbed him.

Source: hyperallergic.com

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