Rhode Island Wedding Fight Video Footage, Police Officer Kicked By Woman

Rhode Island Wedding Fight Video

Rhode Island Wedding Fight Video

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A horrifying video captures the moment that a wedding party in Rhode Island descended into a violent battle with local law enforcement.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, police officers in Newport were dispatched to a restaurant after receiving reports of people acting rowdy there. After the altercation that occurred at The Landing restaurant in Bowen’s Wharf, a Newport officer was left with a fractured nose, according to the report that was filed by the police department.

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According to the information provided to the police, a member of the wedding party named David Onik, who is 44 years old, allegedly tried to strike an employee because he was considered a “unwanted party” and denied admittance. Following the filing of the report, Onik was questioned by the authorities, at which point the other people started gathering around them. When the police instructed the group to step backward, Rachael Onik, Onik’s wife, who is 41 years old, refused to obey and was subsequently arrested by the police.


Rhode Island Wedding Fight Footage

Rhode Island police kicked

Rachael Onik was seen to have fallen over while she was being arrested, which caused anger among the group. Rachael “tripped and fell over the uneven brick and stone” while Sergeant Stephen Carrig was attempting to pull her away from David so that he could place her in handcuffs, according to the statement that Sergeant Carrig released. Carrig added that he “grabbed onto Rachael’s right upper arm and began to move her away from David so that I could place her in handcuffs” in the statement.

Carrig stated that this was the reason he was “rushed by a blonde female wearing a white dress and black jacket who pushed me,” and as a result, he made an attempt to restrain the woman. Carrig stated that as this was happening, “several people started pulling and pushing me from behind.”

On the video, a lady wearing an orange dress who is said to be Alexandra Flaherty, 31, can be seen kicking Carrig “in the groin area.” Carrig was the victim of the attack.

According to the statement that Sergeant Carrig gave, he reacted by hitting Alexandra “in the face with an open hand slap” in try to “distance” himself from the situation.

Carrig is said to have fallen over as a result of a punch allegedly delivered by Robert Nash, who is 30 years old. The officer claims that as a result of this, his eyesight became blurry and he was “unable to tell which way was up or down.”

Rachael Onik was knocked unconscious after the accident, and she was transported to the hospital along with Carrig. WPRI reports that none of them have been held captive for some time now.

Rhode Island fight

Assault charges have been brought against Nash, Flaherty, Rachael Onik, and Olivia Costello, who is twenty years old. These individuals are also accused of resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, and engaging in disorderly conduct. Carrig stated that Costello “interfered by attempting to place her body between Alexandra” when he had hauled the latter to the wall and sought to arrest her.

Costello was quoted as saying “interfered by attempting to place her body between Alexandra.” Later on this week, each of the accused is scheduled to appear in court.

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