Ex-NTU Student Apologize For Alcohol Incident, Also involved a Junior Girl

Ex-NTU Student Apologize For Alcohol Incident, Also involved a Junior Girl

Former NTU student leader who was involved in “alcohol-related incident” in 2022 has apologized, admitting “lack of judgement” in his acts.

This comes as NTU recently wrapped up its investigation into the incident involving Mr. Ethan Ong, who has since received counseling from the university.

Because the fourth-year Nanyang Business School student ran for council in the student union elections on Sunday, the incident has come to light again recently.

Elections were held to choose the executive board of the union for the 2023–2024 academic year.

Mr. Ong, who had previously held office in the NTU Students’ Union (NTUSU) during the previous academic year, did not, however, receive enough votes to be elected to the new executive committee.

The 24-year-old then pulled out of the race.

The student union had earlier given him a five-week suspension from his position due to the event.

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NTU’s investigation and counseling of the student

The NTU stated on Monday that it takes any claims of misbehavior “very seriously” in response to questions from The Straits Times.

According to NTU, a complaint about a “alcohol-related incident” was made to the university in September.

According to the complaint, “by telling the complainant that it was water, the respondent had persuaded her to drink more alcohol than she had intended.” The university then started an investigation into the situation.

It further stated that the incident, which happened in October 2022, was reported to the student union rather than the institution at the time.

Six students who were present at the “social gathering” when the incident occurred, according to NTU, were questioned or had statements taken as part of the inquiry.

“The complainant and respondent were never alone during the gathering,” the statement continued. The complainant or any of the witnesses made no claim or accusation that the respondent had made any effort to keep him and the respondent to themselves.

On Monday, Mr. Ong apologized to “all affected parties” in a statement to ST.

“I sincerely regret this incident and any harm it may have caused to other attendees,” he stated.

“However, I vehemently disagree with any portrayal or acts made online that imply I ever intended to deceive someone. My actions weren’t brought on by malice, but rather a lack of prudence in a circumstance when more judgement could have been used.

The woman, who only wants to be referred to as L, told ST that she is happy that she informed NTU of what transpired in 2022.

Controversy surrounding the incident during student union elections

The 20-year-old stated, “It resulted in the fair results of the election, which showed me that people demand accountable and secure leaders.

She stated she was first “quite upset” over the doxxing she had to endure after being mentioned in an article by a student-run online journal.

However, she added, “I’m extremely inspired by how netizens are standing up, not just for me but for other females who are experiencing the same thing as well.

Since they risk being victimized by those around them, girls may be reluctant to speak up in situations like this.

According to NTU, assistance was given to “students connected with the incident”.

An official from the student union informed ST on Monday that the disciplinary committee of the organization opened an internal investigation on October 17 in response to the event on October 15.

“NTUSU’s five-week suspension followed an internal investigation into the alleged individual’s behavior at the incident, which did not meet the professional standards of conduct that it expects of its executive committee,” the union spokesman stated.

The union representative stated that because the university’s disciplinary investigation proceedings had come to a conclusion and “decided that there would be no further disciplinary sanctions for the alleged individual beyond being counseled by the school,” the accused was not disqualified from running in the 2023 council elections.

NTU warned internet users against making “speculative and unsubstantiated allegations” after the incident was reported on social media and alternative news websites.

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Source: The Straits Times

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