Indian guy punched an old man for honking near HarbourFront Centre

Indian guy punched an old man for honking near HarbourFront Centre

Key Points:

  • Appeal for Assault: After an alleged punch to the person’s face, an appeal has been submitted.
  • Eyewitness Account: According to an eyewitness, the alleged attack took place close to HarbourFront Centre on Telok Blangah Road. On the Sunday before, September 24, there was a Facebook post that described the occurrence.
  • Report from an eyewitness: CK According to Chan, an eyewitness, the attack didn’t seem to be prompted. Chan claimed that an Indian man operating a vehicle punched an older man, and that the event appeared to be connected to a honking problem.

After what is believed to be a punch to the face was delivered to a guy, an appeal has been made.

An eyewitness stated that the alleged assault took place at Telok Blangah Road close to HarbourFront Centre in a post that was uploaded on Facebook the previous Sunday (September 24).

CK Chan is quoted as saying, “Without any provocation, this Indian guy driving rained punches on the old man just because there was an issue with honking.”

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“The elderly man had fallen and been injured. I really hope that he’s okay. I’m sorry, but I can’t pull over to assist you because I have a customer in my car. If the elderly gentleman wants a witness, I’m here to help.

A video posted on Facebook shows the driver of a red Mazda heading towards the man, who retreated in apparent pain as the driver approached him.

Video: Click here to watch the video

It appeared like a number of pedestrians were attempting to keep the two parties apart.

Since its first upload, the video has been seen over 20,000 times.

A number of users left comments advising Chan to file a report with the local authorities.

The driver was referred to as a “road bully” by other users of the forum.

Someone among them remarked, “I hope he gets caught.” “This is a serious case of road rage,” remarked a third member of the online community.

Several users on the website worried that a 15-second video that was posted on social media would not accurately portray the entire event.

A member of the internet commented, “No proof of a punch.” “What exactly is the problem with the honking?”

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Source: AsiaOne

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