Singapore Badminton coach Fire by Sports School after the death of 14 year old student

Singapore Badminton coach Fire by Sports School after the death of 14 year old student

A safety lapse occurred because Pranav Madhaik’s badminton coach neglected to check on him before leaving the court, according to an investigation into the death of the Secondary 2 student-athlete from the Singapore Sports School. A notice of dismissal has been given to the coach.

The 14-year-old felt unwell after a 400-meter fitness time trial on October 5. He was a member of the school’s badminton program and had aspirations of becoming an Olympic champion. On that day, at around 6.50 p.m., the school made a call for help to the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

After being transferred to the National University Hospital, Pranav passed away on Wednesday, October 11.

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The school’s investigation and its conclusions

The Singapore Sports School outlined the sequence of occurrences leading up to the boy’s passing and the investigation’s conclusions in a news release on Saturday.

On October 5 at approximately 6.26 p.m., Pranav complained to the badminton coach that he felt sick after finishing his time trial practice.

According to the school, student-athletes’ training regimens frequently include time trials and conditioning exercises.

Pranav was instructed to take a break by the coach because he had previously reported feeling ill but had improved after taking a break.

Pranav took a break near the starting line as the coach checked the time trial information on his phone.

After leaving the track to inform other student-athletes of competition-related information, he was unaware that Pranav was still taking a nap there. After the briefing, the coach left the school’s property.

The school said that before leaving the court, the badminton instructor ought to have made sure Pranav was okay.

He did not follow the school’s safety procedures when he dismissed all of his student-athletes from practice before making an account of them.

“This issue is taken seriously by the Singapore Sports School. The coach has received a notice of termination, it stated.

“The school is also reviewing and strengthening all its safety protocols, and emphasized to coaches and staff the importance of adhering to them.”

Pranav chatted with two more groups of student-athletes who were passing by while he was taking a nap.

When a handful of them approached him, they claim that Pranav was acting normally and that they did not immediately notice anything out of the ordinary.

Pranav engaged with the final group about 6.35 o’clock. He remained there for approximately five minutes before a passing track and field coach noticed him and came over to ask how he was doing.

A student-athlete was requested to obtain water for the youngster by the coach. The student-athlete left with water and came back with cold water at Pranav’s request.

When the track and field coach realized that Pranav needed assistance from other student-athletes to get up, he activated the school’s boarding staff to help at 6.45 p.m.

Approximately six and a half hours later, an ambulance was called, and three minutes later, Pranav’s parents received a call from the school’s boarding staff.

Around 7.02 o’clock, the ambulance arrived, and by 7.19 o’clock, it had taken the youngster to the National University Hospital. The badminton coach had returned to the school grounds after first departing with Pranav.

Pranav was admitted and treated medically, but he passed away on October 11. According to the school, the cause of death was cardiac arrest with congenital coronary vessel abnormality as an antecedent cause.

The school noted that it met with Pranav’s parents on Friday night and presented its findings to them.

“The school extends our deepest condolences to the family of Pranav, and is supporting the family in their time of grief.”

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Source: CNA


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