Singaporean couple Porsche accident in Johor, couple injured while travelling

Singaporean couple Porsche accident in Johor, couple injured while travelling

Key points:

  • A Singaporean couple was involved in a car accident in Johor, Malaysia.
  • The accident occurred on a Sunday morning in Kluang, Johor.
  • The couple was part of a luxury car convoy traveling from Batu Pahat to Mersing.
  • The accident involved their Porsche colliding with a lamp post while making a bend around 9:45 a.m.
  • The driver suffered a broken left leg and injuries to his hands and feet.
  • The wife sustained injuries to her hands and legs.
  • A representative for Porsche confirmed awareness of the incident and stated that both the driver and passenger were safe.

A Singaporean couple sustained multiple injuries to their hands and legs after slamming their Porsche into a lamp post in Johor on Sunday morning. The accident occurred in Johor.

According to reports from Oriental Daily, the pair was going from Batu Pahat to Mersing as part of a convoy of luxury cars when the tragedy occurred in Kluang.

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According to Sinar Harian, the driver suffered a broken left leg in addition to injuries to his hands and feet, while his wife was injured in the same ways, but only in her hands and legs.

While making a bend around 9:45 a.m., the Porsche lost control and hit a lamp post, according to the chief of police in Kluang, Bahrin Nor. He also noted that the automobile sustained significant damage to its front and back bumpers as a result of the accident.

There were no reports of any other vehicles in the fleet having sustained damage.

The white Porsche can be seen in a video and images that were shared by Inforoadblock on Facebook. The video and photos show the car crushed up in the front and the back, with the right wheel of the car leaning away from the car.

Two people are standing next to the automobile as the lamp post, which is located a short distance away, has collapsed.

A representative for Porsche responded to ST’s questions by stating that the company is aware of an event that occurred in Malaysia involving a Porsche.

“Both (the) driver and (the) passenger are safe,” she went on to say.

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Source: AsiaOne

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