Tasmania Dog Attack At Home, Man, Age 66 dead after his own dog attack him

Tasmania Dog Attack

A dog attack his own owner in Tasmania. Man whose age was 66 has been died after he was severely wounded. Also the woman 64 was attacked but she is now stable. 

Tasmania Dog Attack Today – In Tasmania, a man in his sixties passed away after being attacked to death by his own dog in a “very rare” and “tragic” incident, according to the police. The attack took place in a residence. At 10:40 o’clock on Sunday night, officers were called to a residence in the rural neighbourhood of Allens Rivulet, which is located close to Hobart. The guy and the woman, both aged 64, were reportedly assaulted by the dog, according to the police.

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The man’s lower legs had been severely injured, which ultimately led to his death. The woman was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where her status has been reported as being stable. According to Inspector Colin Riley of the Tasmania Police, the individual was declared dead at the scene of the incident.

“The woman was transported to the Royal Hobart Hospital with serious injuries to her lower limbs,” Riley told reporters. “Our thoughts are with the man’s loved ones at this difficult time.” He also mentioned that it was a “very rare” occurrence.

“Obviously this is a family that had a loved pet and unfortunately that animal has turned on them and it’s had tragic outcomes,” according to Riley.

After hearing a noise coming from the home, a nearby resident alerted the police, which resulted in the arrival of five police officers, an ambulance team, and two local animal control officials from the Kingborough Council.

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The police have stated that they will investigate what occurred before the dog attacked, but they will not disclose the breed of dog involved. According to the police, there are also two more dogs at the residence.
If the council is to be believed, at least one of them is of the same breed. An animal control officer arrived on the scene and kindly put the dog to sleep there.

Gary Arnold, who served as the general manager of the Kingborough Council for ten years, described it as “the most tragic incident” that had occurred during that time. He stated that the officers of the council who were involved are “a bit shaken.”

Arnold stated that it appeared as though the dog did not have a registration with the council, which is something that owners are strongly encouraged to do, he said. The police have indicated that they are going to prepare a report for the coroner.

Source: 9news.com.au

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