Blue Smurf Cat Meme Video Full Explained, Gets millions of views

Blue Smurf Cat Meme Video

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms available, with millions of users regularly connecting with each other’s videos and taking part in the most recent trends and challenges. TikTok was one of the first social media platforms to introduce a continuous video format.

The concept of a “smurf cat” is at the forefront of one of the most current trends on the app. You did read that sentence correctly. Over 691.9 million people have viewed content with the hashtag smurfcat, while an additional 443.1 million people have viewed content with the Russian hashtag #шaйлушай . But what actually is a smurf cat, where did it originate, and why do people on TikTok seem to be so in love with it right now?

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The blue smurf cat is a creature that has become an extremely popular meme on social media. It has the appearance of a smurf, a cat, and a mushroom all rolled into one. Nate Hallinan, who in 2014 pondered the question of what Smurfs may look like if they were in the real world, was the one who came up with the idea for the monster.

After nine years, the little blue cat smurf, also known as Shailushai or шaйлушай, has taken over TikTok. His presence is usually always matched with the song “The Spectre” by Alan Walker, specifically with the lyrics: “We live. “We Love, and We Lie”.

Posts that include Shailushai are generating thousands of comments, which has sparked a trend of including Shailushai in a wide variety of settings, it has even made its way into Minecraft.

It appears that a TikTokker by the name of ghojam1 was one of the first people to use the adorable little rascal. He spotted it and used it in a TikTok in August, and the video almost immediately went on to receive 2.2 million views.

Be the first person who comments with anything like, “Image isn’t loading but I swear to god if it is the Smurf cat.” This is another trend.

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